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Idera SharePoint Diagnostic Manager

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SharePoint Diagnostic Manager provides real-time monitoring of multiple farms and all their SharePoint servers simultaneously from a single console, enabling performance and availability problems to be quickly identified, diagnosed and resolved. It also provides critical information for SharePoint capacity planning by storing historical performance data of all SharePoint servers being monitored.

  • Monitor multiple SharePoint farms and farm servers from a central console: Provides an easy to use console with rich information displays that allow multiple farms and all component servers to be monitored 24/7.
  • No limitation on pages being monitored: Monitor the most important pages or all pages in your sites, without restriction. Choose how often pages should be monitored.
  • Monitor SharePoint farm servers availability: Monitor critical areas of your SharePoint farm servers such as CPU, disk activity, IIS, memory and page utilization. Instantly understand what's causing your SharePoint environment to perform below agreed performance thresholds.
  • Detailed configuration data: View complete and detailed information regarding the configuration of every SharePoint server in your farm. Capacity planning data: Store historical performance data of your SharePoint farms, enabling rich graphical analysis of performance and behavior over time to identify patterns and trends.
  • Full web page coverage: Provides granular, server-side performance data analysis for all SharePoint publishing and web part pages such as server controls, web parts, images, scripts, embedded objects (Silverlight, flash), and much more.
  • Automated alerting: Automated email alert notification whenever agreed performance thresholds are not met. Performance threshold customization: Customize server level thresholds such as CPU, Memory, Disk, IIS, page HTML, web parts and web control alerting to meet the performance requirements of your applications and environment.
  • Easy URL based page performance analysis: Analyze any web page in your farm by simply typing its URL.
  • Easy to use User Interface: Powerful and easy to use console, enables complex analyses to be displayed and understood in seconds, without the need to be a SharePoint expert.


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4.0  (1)
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Very nice product with great insight

I was able to interact with this product many times during the 14-day trial I installed.

Installation was straightforward, configuration of the IIS "Monitored Pages" portion was not as simple, but was not difficult once I added and deployed the solution file that was included with the install. (Required two 'stsadm' DOS commands to be entered on the WFE server - so pretty straight up...)

I liked the quick snapshot approach Idera has taken with the initial dashboard that appears when you launch this product.

Good = large green square
Warning = large yellow square
Problem = large red square

The 'alert' email messages that you can configure to send to yourself are not very helpful, as they only include a single line of text (which mirrors the subject line of the same alert message), however, to be fair, you need the product to be running for some time to be able to determine what threshholds you want to set for that alerting to be sent out to you, in which case the alerting would be very nice.

This product seems to me to present a great amount of detailed insight into the performance of your WFEs, your Index servers, your SQL servers (as related to SharePoint...for detailed SQL stuff, Idera has a separate product), and this product even located and listed our Novell Netware 6.5 server running GroupWise (email/SMTP server which we have setup for messaging from SharePoint). Of course, this product did not display any info. on our Novell NetWare/GroupWise server (it's not designed for that), but it did find it and show it on the server 'farm' list.

Overall, this appears to be a very nice product, which could be very helpful to a SharePoint farm admin.

Product Reviews

Read description - there are plenty
• email alerting not being more than a brief SMS-like blurb...and...
• the "Monitored Pages" portion needs to be installed during product installation, in my opinion, rather than having to dig around in help docs and online forums to find the right 'stsadm.exe' command line parameters to get it working.
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