Governance Automation for SharePoint by AvePoint

Governance Automation for SharePoint by AvePoint

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Governance Automation for SharePoint by AvePoint

DocAve Governance Automation allows organizations to provide SharePoint as a service to business users, encouraging the adoption of SharePoint by automating the way users provision, manage, and modify sites and permissions. Through an intuitive service catalog, which can be accessed from a browser-based management console or directly through SharePoint, Governance Automation helps to ensure all requests are fulfilled within established governance policies by providing a fully auditable business approval process.

Governance Automation transcends the capabilities of niche security management solutions and enables organization to close the custom code gap created by home-grown governance solutions by providing the following Service Catalog Offerings:

  • Site Collection Provisioning
  • Site Provisioning
  • Site Collection Lifecycle Management
  • Permissions Management


  • Improve transparency of content ownership within IT so decisions affecting site availability are appropriately communicated by maintaining an up-to-date list of accountable business users for each site or site collection throughout its lifecycle

Approval Process

  • Enhance site and site collection provisioning, lifecycle, and permissions management governance policy enforcement by defining one- to three-stage approval processes with role-based assignment and escalation

    "Zero-Stage" approval process increases operational efficiency by automatically approving requests to reduce time consumed by IT administrators

Automatically Associate Appropriate DocAve Plans and Rules

  • Reduce the time required by IT administrators to apply appropriate backup, archiving, and permissions policies to sites or site collections upon creation through automated policy assignment based on the requested service level

Scale SharePoint Policy Configuration

  • Define policies, metadata, approval processes, permissions, and auditing parameters associated with SharePoint management tasks – including site provisioning and maintenance – to meet unique business needs. Onboard existing SharePoint sites and retroactively apply governance policies to the relevant sites

Site Collection Directory

  • Provide detailed insight into SharePoint assets for all business users with a public listing of site collections, accountable business users, classification, and storage usage of site collections and sites

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