aCelera Acceleration Software by Certeon

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aCelera Acceleration Software by Certeon

Product Summary


aCelera Virtual Appliance software for SharePoint mitigates Wan limitations in MOSS deployments, and significantly improve application delivery to end-users. It delivers improved MOSS application response times better than any other network or application delivery optimization solution on the market today, enabling the fast and complete deployment of Web-based collaboration and SOA environments.

SharePoint Performance
The result of using aCelera in your network is a dramatic reduction in the data that needs to be sent over a WAN and turbocharged acceleration for applications.

SharePoint Scalability

Functioning at the application layer, aCelera has the unique ability to truly understand application semantics and utilize that understanding to transmit data more efficiently than anyone else. This efficiency enables the transmission of more application data without the need for more bandwidth. 

SharePoint Security
aCelera can deliver end-to-end acceleration for MOSS traffic securely from the desktop to the data center. Whether access is via HTTP or HTTPS (SSL), there is no difference in application response times. aCelera doesn't require additional certificate or key management and never compromises security. Through a combination of end-to-end disk encryption, SSL (HTTPS), and IPSec, aCelera maintains encryption while accelerating MOSS traffic. Enterprises can consolidate servers into centralized data centers without compromising the security or performance of the application services.

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