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Copy SharePoint Content by Sharegate

Sharegate will help Copy SharePoint list items as well as copy SharePoint documents between lists, libraries or sites. With a simple Drag and Drop, your SharePoint migration will be done bringing all metadata with it, including version history, attachments, permissions, authors and timestamps.

Typical scenarios are:

  • Migrate SharePoint list items, documents and folders to another folder
  • Migrate SharePoint list items, documents and folders to another Web application, farm and site collection
  • Migrate SharePoint list items, documents and folders to another site
  • Migrate SharePoint list items, documents and folders to another SharePoint version

Top Features:

  • Drag & drop: Migrate files and folders with the drag and drop functionality. Dead simple!
  • Migrate SharePoint list items, documents and folders from a SharePoint list or library to another.
  • Enrich Metadata with Excel: Run your content migration through an Excel file for quick metadata enrichment.
  • Migrate SharePoint files: Migrate SharePoint files and folders from a SharePoint library to another.
  • Preserve version history: Preserve the full version history while migrating the list items to another SharePoint list.
  • Preserve created and modified information: Preserve the authors and timestamps on list items and folders (Created, Created by, Modified, Modified by) while migrating to another list in SharePoint.
  • Assign new content types: Assign new content types while migrating list items or files. The source content type can be mapped to a different content type at the destination.
  • Migrate list item attachments: Attachments are preserved while migrating list items from a location to another. The attachments must be enabled on the destination list.
  • Remap metadata fields: Source fields can be remapped with different destination fields. Fields can even be mapped if they have a different field type.
  • Preserve permissions: Unique SharePoint permissions assigned to files and folders can be preserved while migrating to another SharePoint list. Source permission levels can also be mapped with destination permission levels.
  • Migrate Page Layouts & Master Pages: Migrate Page Layouts and Master Pages from a SharePoint site to another. This feature is also useful for moving Page Layouts and Master Pages between development and production environments.
  • Adjust Page Layout reference: Adjust the page layout reference when migrating pages from one site to another. Very useful for moving pages between development and production environments.
  • Correct links: Correct the links that are inside metadata. Links pointing to the source environment will be adjusted to the destination environment. A typical scenario is adjusting links inside a Wiki pages.
  • … and much more!

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5.0  (2)
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Excellent Ad-Hoc Move/Migration Tool

Sharegate is easily the best ad-hoc Sharepoint Item move/migration tool on the market.
We migrated from SP2003 to SP2010 and reorganized our 100GB CAD File Management System with almost no effort at all.
Excellent service and support from their Canadian developers, who were happy to resolve any and all issues we raised.
I highly recommend this software for your Sharepoint efforts.

Product Reviews

Easy Install
Intuitive Interface
Full Fidelity
Excellent Service/Support
Doesn't build comprehensive Migration Plans
Doesn't perform incremental moves
Doesn't perform Syncs between source and destination (i.e. data move/delete on destination to match source)
Version Reviewed
Sharegate v3
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If you have SharePoint you need ShareGate

Any SharePoint user will at some time hit the following problems;

1. Moving Documents between document libraries on different SharePoint sites and losing version history, created by and Created Dates
2. Moving list items between lists and losing metadata.
3. Moving document libraries/ lists between sites and losing permissions.
4. Finding you can't uploade documents with '&' in their title or other ilegal characters.
5. Unable to migrate content of document libraries between different versions of SharePoint.

Well, I now know the answer and it isn't that expensive. The answer is Sharegate.

Office Talk were so impressed we became resellers

Product Reviews

Simple to use
Works on network shares as well as SharePoint
Can create Templates
Client based
Needs extensions installed on server but these are free of charge.
Version Reviewed
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