JungleDocs - SharePoint Document Automation Tool by Enovapoint

JungleDocs - SharePoint Document Automation Tool by Enovapoint

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JungleDocs - SharePoint Document Automation Tool by Enovapoint

JungleDocs allows SharePoint users to merge large Word and PowerPoint documents (proposals, presentations, contracts, etc.) from small files that contain unique information by simply checking the appropriate check-boxes. Need to personalize large document batches? JungleDocs can help you with that, too. Forget about manual copy-pasting. Choose your template, select the SharePoint list, click Save. Thanks to the efficient mail merge function, JungleDocs will create a batch of personalized documents in just a few seconds. This solution also allows SharePoint users to export list items into Word and create attractive reports. Finally, your document libraries will be kept in good order as JungleDocs automatically names new documents according to the user’s preferred format and stores them in the right place. Available for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013. 

JungleDocs takes properties and parts of the existing document and puts them into a new one, preventing possible mistakes and saving up to 90% of your time on inputting and copy-pasting operations. JungleDocs is an easy-to-use software for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

JungleDocs Key Features:

  • Word and PowerPoint document generation and automation
  • Document mail merge from SharePoint lists
  • Template processing engine uses Open XML technology for very fast and accurate .docx document generation.
  • Auto filling of document with content type properties and data related to the selected lookup list item
  • Automatic conversion of dates to any format
  • Automating conversion of numbers into words
  • Automatic generation of custom and unique document names
  • Possibility to combine documents by clicking check-boxes
  • Re-use of existing metadata and document content
  • Creation of new documents from an existing document, item, folder or document set
  • Document routing or auto positioning
  • Transfer of metadata and parts of document content to new documents

Time saving with JungleDocs:

  • Case 1: Create a new proposal from the existing one. In a standard SharePoint environment it takes 134 seconds. In SharePoint Foundation with JungleDocs it takes 24 seconds.
  • Case 2: Create a proposal followed by a sales agreement, an acceptance certificate and an invoice. In a standard SharePoint environment it takes 908 seconds. In SharePoint Foundation with JungleDocs it takes 95 seconds.

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5.0  (1)
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good document automation solution

Brilliant idea. Simple and easy to use. After 2 weeks of testing in Contract management it seems to work fine for us. The only thing that should be improved is the availability to cancel the document when creating it. If you make a mistake and press cancel, document will be still created in the library. I know that this is SharePoint behaviour, but this could be an area for improvement.

Product Reviews

-does what it says on the product description
-simple to use
-smart user interface
-very quick support
-can’t cancel the document when it is being created
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