KnowledgeLake Capture Server for SharePoint

KnowledgeLake Capture Server for SharePoint

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KnowledgeLake Capture Server for SharePoint

KnowledgeLake Capture Server adds powerful server-based batch management capabilities to KnowledgeLake Connect and KnowledgeLake Capture. It provides the ability to scan and save documents to Microsoft SharePoint using office copiers, multifunction devices, fax servers and network scanners. Flexible document manipulation such as web-based indexing, OCR and pre-release document conversion, are enabled by server-based process paths.

KnowledgeLake Capture Server allows for administration and monitoring of branch office scanning, using a decentralized scanning function with a zero-touch install.  Client applications are freed for additional capture activities while the server processes released documents. This makes KnowledgeLake Capture Server a powerful, yet cost effective way to add SharePoint scanning capability to any network capture device.


Batch Processing
Use a powerful batch management service that frees client applications for additional capture, while the server processes released documents.

  • Release to Microsoft SharePointAbility for scripting of server-side batch processing workflows for tasks like OCR, image processing and document rendering
  • Image processing for image clean-up and barcode recognition
  • Batch splitter step that allows new batches to be created when different Content Types are found within the same batch
  • XPS/PDF Converter that creates XPS or PDF files from TIFF files
  • Automated validation of meta-data based upon pre-configured rules
  • Ability for batch steps to be completed manually, typically by another application
  • Fully documented Software Development Kit (SDK) for easy customization

Capture for MFP
Create batches from multifunction peripherals, fax servers or any other interface.

  • Enable any capture device to integrate with SharePoint
  • Batch import documents from multi-function devices
  • Watch network directories for new documents
  • Distribute MFPs for decentralized scanning
  • Support for custom Process Activities
  • Enable off-hours batch processing by scheduling imports

Web Capture + Indexing
Index document batches from any PC with a Web connection.

  • Batch scanning and indexing using a browser-based application
  • Priority indexing of batches
  • Ability to specify which users can view scanned documents and apply
  • Column data directly from their browsers

Batch Monitoring
Administer activities in batches via a web interface.

  • Monitor current status of servers and batches
  • Track progress of batches
  • Enable and disable activities
  • Configure the schedule time for activities
  • Monitor imports
  • Audit information available for activities and batches

Document Import
Flexible and automated document import process using CSV files.


  • Server-based processing that frees up the scan station during resource intensive processing
  • Flexible means of incorporating custom integration with line-of business applications
  • Multi-function device collaboration
  • Ability to expose extensible web service to interact with various client resources

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4.0  (3)
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Server Side Processing!

Great product! I love the ease and ability to process our scanned images prior to releasing to SharePoint. And this procesisng can be done server side not on the scan station. We make our TIFFs full-text OCRd images. That's out-of-the-box functionallity. We also wrote a custom step to release to particular libraries based on metadata values. Customization was easy and robust.

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Customization Ability
Server side processing
Monitoring ability
doesn't support .NET 4.0
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Too many bugs, DO NOT BUY

Knowledgelake website makes my google chrome crash, funny. Their software writers obviously do not test their own product.

Product Reviews

Version 6.0 OCR's pretty fast when it works
Will freeze with too many pages. Newer versions DO NOT WORK. They take 20 minutes to OCR and send 200 pages. Version 6 takes two minutes.
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Very Powerful

I worked on an implementation that helped to migrate from a proprietary Unix based system to KnowledgeLake's Capture Server and Imaging solutions. We initially implemented about 15 content types half of which were scanned images and half which were brought in electronically from an ERP system. Indexing and autoindexing was very powerful.

Once implemented about 2k documents a day were being added to the system, with no signs of strain from the load.

When there were configuration issues, we received very good support.

In addition, our users found it very easy to learn.

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Full featured Document Management suite with support for indexing and validation along with controlled list/lookups against external databases.
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