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Vizit Pro for SharePoint

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Vizit Pro builds on Vizit Essential's industry leading viewing platform. Vizit Pro includes commonly-used image viewing, cleanup, and annotation features in a single user experience that integrates seamlessly with SharePoint. Users can now perform routine tasks such as capturing and cleaning-up images, and annotating documents for review. Compared to other costly and complex third party solutions, the combination of Vizit Pro and SharePoint will dramatically the cost of document intensive tasks.


  • Installs as a SharePoint solution in minutes using a simple installation wizard
  • Easily attach to local scanners and scan documents directly into SharePoint Libraries
  • Index documents while viewing by editing document metadata
  • Collaborate, markup, and clean-up documents without having to download them
  • Contains a comprehensive set of annotations including freehand, text notes, stamps, polygon, and highlighting
  • Burn annotations into images to permanently redact areas of documents
  • Rotate, flip, de-skew, remove specks, hole-punches, and borders for improved human and machine readability
  • Supports most current browsers
  • Supports all SharePoint 2007 and 2010 Server Farm Configurations

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Product Reviews

Vizit 4.0

I have been working with Vizit for about a year and it has gone through several upgrades during that time. My review is strictly from the point of using Vizit as document type viewing solution as their products do offer different levels of functionality. I evaluate the product from a time saving ROI perspective which allows end users to view documents quickly and easily without having to have the specific client software.In my experience end users are very happing having this new ability. It also integrates within the SharePoint platform so the feature is available everywhere or on a per site basis. This is one of products where you think SharePoint should have come with this feature OOTB.

Product Reviews

- Install was relatively simple
- Support has always been strong
- Strong commitment to continually update and improve the product
- time saver for end users opening different document types
- Relatively inexpensive for feature set
- provides option for vieweing AutoCAD drawings
- to open a wider array of document types available for viewinig a rendition service will need to be installed using OpenOffice.This is not a defect in the prodcut but buyers should be aware the functionality they receive OOTB and what requires additional time and effort. Reference the Atalasoft website to see the different document types supported with or without the rendition service.
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4.0 and earlier
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A delightful addition to our workflow

Support team is great at Atalasoft

Product Reviews

There is nothing to install on client machines, you only have to install on the SharePoint server box. It puts a little icon next to each document name in the library and when you click one icon, it shows a quick preview. (That webpart is free) and the other icon opens Vizit SP in full-screen view mode where you can annotate, clean up bad scans, enter in properties, etc etc etc etc.

We didn't know we needed this thing until we tried it out. 5 stars

Ask them for a 1 on 1 demo and they'll show you it in action.
None that I can think of. If there are any missing features, they are constantly providing updates to Vizit SP..
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