Redact-It for SharePoint by IGC

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Redact-It for SharePoint by IGC

Redact-It® Enterprise, now integrated with Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010, removes sensitive content and privacy information as an effortless part of your business processes. Redact-It works with any format and creates a PDF, TIFF, or CSF rendition of the redacted file automatically, leaving the source document untouched.

Redact-It Advantages:

  • Supports virtually any format (Word, Excel, PDF, TIFF, etc.)
  • Achieve regulatory compliance for information sharing
  • Redact and save to PDF, TIFF or secure CSF
  • Redact by text patterns, lists or zones
  • Automated redaction processing
  • No hidden text transferred to output file (scrubbed)

With unique features like reusable scripts, extensive logging and enhanced verification, Redact-It is the best tool for electronic redaction available.

When you remove sensitive content with Redact-It for SharePoint, you help ensure regulatory compliance and alignment with your privacy policies. You can publish and distribute your redacted files to your customers or business partners without worrying about sensitive data being leaked or hacked through hidden text or clever tricks.

Redact-It for SharePoint has been successfully deployed at government agencies, law firms, court systems and corporations of various sizes, especially in the financial services and healthcare sector.

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