eRESULT Search Connector for SharePoint 2007

eRESULT Search Connector for SharePoint 2007

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eRESULT Search Connector for SharePoint 2007

SHAREPOINTWorks eRESULT® Enterprise Search Connectors for SharePoint 2007 and Search Server 2008 deliver a unified search across your company's entire enterprise. Users enjoy a superior search experience with rapid, accurate, and secure results from multiple systems; unachievable using SharePoint Search alone.

Features and Benefits of eRESULT

  • It Is All About The Metadata: Metadata is all the related information that helps define and profile a document or record. Facetted navigation and advanced search rely on extended metadata to increase find-ability, and eResult provides the tools and features to discover and enhance that metadata.
  • Unlock Your Enterprise Data: Companies rely on multiple systems for business, from document and customer management to internal custom applications. eResult provides the tools to map the existing relationships between the data in each line-of-business system before the data is indexed.
  • Define, Format & Control Your Metadata: Wizard based metadata definition along with our unique scriptable formatting options provide unmatched control of your metadata. Combine fields, calculate new fields, rollup values, conditionally hide or show values, and leverage relationships of data.
  • One-To-Many, Not A Problem: Enterprise data is rarely definable with a single record and your metadata should reflect that. eResult easily and intelligently supports complex data relationships where you may have multiple values of a property.
  • Got Security? eRESULT Is Enterprise Security: Many Enterprise business systems apply their own security models which don't map to SharePoint, and without proper mapping it is nearly impossible to secure that data. eResult provides the tools to map each system's disparate security before indexing for true enterprise scale security.
  • Real Time, Just In Case: Be comfortable that the security change you just made will be enforced even between index updates. eResult's batch optimized real time security trimming is unique in its application; as a second level of security it has little impact on relevancy and query performance.
  • eRESULT Is An Extensible Framework You Can Build Upon: Partner with us to create your own connectors on our framework. Our framework makes establishing new connections easy with a host of features to guide you such as wizards for generation of metadata, integrated testing tools, and template creation and re-use.

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