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IntelliGantt Web Part by TeamDirection

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The IntelliGantt Web Part by TeamDirection provides an easy way to: view all tasks in the project hierachy; explore SharePoint site for additional tasks; organize tasks using existing SharePoint views; apply simple ad-hoc queries to any text, cost, status or assignment; print the Gantt exactly as you see it; update tasks; indulge in all sorts of Silverlight goodness (gantt scale zooming, helpful animations).

  • View all your tasks in SharePoint - IntelliGantt shows the full task hierarchy for any SharePoint Task List. Futhermore, it will aggregate task lists together either by including all task within a site, or optionally by including all task lists in every subsite. Both options give you a complete window to the tasks at had within your company.
  • Search for tasks within specific dates - IntelliGantt supports date-range searches so you can see what's on tap for any week, month or other time period.
  • Find tasks with keyword searches - the IntelliGantt search feature lets you type in free-form text and query the SharePoint server for matches. IntelliGantt turns your typed-in data into powerful SharePoint CAML queries that are submitted to SharePoint. Plus, your search is combined with the currently selected view. So if you wanted to see all your tasks that are 'Behind', you can select 'My Tasks' from the View dropdown and search for 'Behind'.
  • Dynamic real-time zoom-in/zoom-out - IntelliGantt gives you a 'zoom factor' slider bar that let's get exactly the scale you want. Compress or expand time with a mouse slide or click.
  • High-Fidelity printing - By default IntelliGantt will print the entire range of the project, but you can customize the printing by specifying your own range. You can then see a preview of each individual page as its sent off to the printer.
  • Dynamic refreshing - IntelliGantt will periodically query SharePoint for changes to tasks. When a change is found, it is highlghted within the task list by becoming bold, much like a new email in your inbox. Clicking on the cell marks it as 'read' and reverts it back to its normal text.
  • In place editing with 'Schedule Lock' - IntelliGantt gives you the ease of use of in-place editing but the smarts to know that some fields shouldn't be editable -- like Start Date, Due Date, Assigned To and Predecessor.
  • View Based Task Layout - IntelliGantt makes use of the views already defined in you SharePoint system to choose the visible columns and define the order in which they appear. A project manager with proper SharePoint permissions can add (or remove) visible columns from any SharePoint view and know that IntelliGantt will adapt to their changes and present exactly what the project manager wants the team to see.

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CEO and Co-Founder -Anywhere Anytime Communication

Anyone who has used Microsoft SharePoint knows the substantial underlying native power within document libraries and lists. However, harnessing that power and turning that information into actionable tasks is a challenge at best. This problem is now solved with IntelliGantt's killer Web Part functionality and deep Project 2010 integration. We can now turn multiple complex project plans into fully rolled-up, high visual, 100% interactive, dynamic Gantt charts that plug directly into Microsoft's Office 365 SharePoint 2010 in the Cloud. IntelliGantt's latest feature of dragging files from the users's local computer, dropping them onto a task, automatically associating the file with the task and uploading the file to a Shared Documents list is nothing short of amazing. With Office 365, Microsoft can provision for us a full SharePoint 2010 site in 15 minutes. With IntelliGantt, we can begin delivering a 'Project Control Room' solution for our customers the very same day!"

Scott Futryk, CEO, Anywhere Anytime Communications
Silicon Valley, CA
(phone number provided but removed by the editorial team)

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This is an amazing KILLER APP for SharePoint 2010 and, in particular, Office 365 SharePoint 2010 Online.
Absolutely NONE!
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Sandboxed version, latest release
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