RadiantQ Silverlight Gantt View for SharePoint

RadiantQ Silverlight Gantt View for SharePoint

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RadiantQ Silverlight Gantt View for SharePoint

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Gantt WebPart solution works with Microsoft SharePoint and is an upgrade to the plain SharePoint lists, providing you a rich and interactive Gantt UI for managing project Tasks and Resources. It is available as a Sandbox Solution for SharePoint 2010 and is admin configurable using a built-in configuration dialog. Gantt WebPart bind to any SharePoint list or Microsoft SQL Server table and extends using MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework) for custom requirements.

Developer Overview:

  • Designed for Project Gantt and Resource Gantt
  • Designed for SharePoint 2010
  • Works with any SharePoint Task list
  • Bind even to a database data source General


  • Project Gantt:
    • Intuitive and Interactive Editing - Rich set of built-in editing functionalities provide you a rich and functional UI right from the get go: interactive task moving and resizing in the Gantt Chart,¬†interactive editing the task times in the Gantt Table, interactive dependency line connection in the Gantt Chart, interactive moving of tasks in the Gantt Table, interactive editing the task progress.
    • Extensible Visualization - Use a set of built-in visualization options like Critical Paths or customize the look to visualize tasks and regions of interest: auto hiding time line headers as the end-user zooms the timeline, highlight critical paths with custom task colors.
    • MEF Extension -¬†Fully customizable Gantt table with custom column and custom colors for rows, highlight regions of interest in the chart, task editing dialog, print professional outputs with headers and footers.
    • Built-in Scheduling Functionality - A rich Gantt Model sits between your data and the gantt and provides custom scheduling capabilities, resource assignment and resource leveling capabilities.
  • Resource Gantt:
    • FlexyGantt is a variant of our Gantt that lets you to bind directly to any kind of data source from flat lists to multi-level hierarchical data sources just like you would bind to a TreeView using HierarchicalDataTemplates. Easily point the control to time properties in your bound types via XAML bindings. Drag and drop resources in GanttTable with intuitive visual cues.

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