EPM Live Portfolio, Project and Work Management Platform

EPM Live Portfolio, Project and Work Management Platform

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EPM Live Portfolio, Project and Work Management Platform

EPM Live is an award-winning work management platform that changes the way organizations manage projects and work. EPM Live’s platform is a 'build to order' platform that extends project portfolio management (PPM) to all areas of the business regardless of work focus. Small to large organizations can apply cost saving disciplines such as delivering projects successfully, optimizing resource utilization, and selecting the right work to all business teams including new product development, IT, services, operations, sales and project management.

Portfolio Management:

Ensure you are executing the right work to make your business successful. Find the right balance of “keep the lights on” activities and strategic opportunities to bring the most value to your organization. The right insight can make project and work selection easy. EPM Live Portfolio Management capabilities include:

  • Create Project Request
  • Real-time Global Portfolio Visibility
  • Portfolio Ideation and Selection
  • Portfolio Analytics Tools
  • Portfolio Stage Gating and Workflow
  • Demand Visibility
  • Standardized Templates and Forms
  • Centralized Demand Capture
  • What-if Financial Modeling
  • What-if Resource Modeling
  • Resource and Financial Targets

Project Management:

Leverage multiple scheduling tools to plan out your tasks for on time delivery. Keep project teams in the know by centralizing information for real time updates and statusing. Bringing your teams together will help you get more work done! EPM Live Project Management capabilities include:

  • View Real-time Schedules and Milestones Online
  • Extend the Power of Microsoft Project
  • Build Project Schedules Using Online Project Planner
  • Create Simple Online Task Lists
  • Use the Agile Planner for Iterative Planning

Cost Management:

Plan, budget, forecast and track all costs associated to your projects and work. Visibility into cost will prevent overspending and could help you achieve more with less. Know what you are spending, when, and where for maximum profitability. EPM Live Cost Management capabilities include:

  • Access Ready Integration with ERP and Financial Systems
  • Portfolio Financial Planning
  • Financial Visibility
  • What-if Financial Modeling
  • Financial Targeting

Resource Management:

Employees are the most valuable asset and the biggest expense for most organizations. The ability to deploy employees effectively against conflicting projects and other work priorities enables organizations to maximize their return on resource investments. Understand which projects and types of work are consuming your most valuable resources and effectively realign your staffing plan based on changing priorities and budgets. EPM Live Resource Management capabilities include:

  • Assign Resources to Any Project or Work Item
  • View Resource Plans Across All Work
  • Flexible Resource Management Tools
  • Resource Capacity Planning
  • Resource Requirements and Matching
  • What-if Resource Modeling
  • Resource Analyzer
  • Resource Reporting and Dashboards

Work Management:

The ability to manage project tasks alone is no longer enough. In order to get a true picture of project performance, all work that affects the bottom line must be considered. The need to maintain disparate systems to manage various types of work such as applications, products, projects and services, is no longer required. Work management brings all projects and all work together for true reporting and maximum efficiency. EPM Live Work Management capabilities include:

  • View and Manage All Work from One Location
  • Create New Work Items From a Single View
  • Create Work Item Alerts and Notifications
  • Connect to Microsoft Outlook to Manage Work Assignments
  • Leverage Pre-built Work Apps to Manage All Types of Work
  • Create and Organize Issues and Risks
  • Access Pre-configured Project Issue and Risk Reports
  • Create Alerts and Notifications for Issues and Risks
  • View and Update Issue and Risk Status Across All Project Workspaces
  • Monitor Issue and Risk Status with Graphical Displays

Social Collaboration:

Share knowledge and better collaborate with your work teams to increase productivity and efficiency through various modes of communication. Connect to Microsoft Outlook and other business productivity applications to streamline conversations and drive efficiencies. EPM Live Social Collaboration capabilities include:

  • Share Comments on any Item in the System
  • Create Project Wikis
  • Create Project Discussion Boards
  • Keep Team Members Informed Through RSS Feeds
  • Connect to Microsoft Outlook to Streamline Collaboration
  • Share Project Files for Easy Access and Version Control
  • Share Calendars to Communicate Meetings, Events and Deadlines
  • Post Announcements to Keep Teams Informed
  • Create Alerts and Notifications for Real-time Information
  • Share Contacts to Keep Teams Connected


Capturing time spent on project and work items is critical for making informed business decisions. Capture time and track progress on project and non-project work so project managers can gauge the overall effect actual time has on their work initiatives. EPM Live Timesheets capabilities include:

  • Capture Time on Any Project or Work Item
  • Enter Work Status (% Complete) and Time in a Single View
  • Capture Time for Multiple Time Categories
  • Capture Time for Multiple Time Categories
  • Leverage Timesheets Workflows for Submissions and Approvals
  • Increase Work Visibility with Time Reports, Views and Dashboards
  • Integrate with Other Tools for Centralized Reporting
  • Accurately Track Time on Any Work Item Using a Work Log

Reporting and Business Intelligence:

Leverage over 30 pre-configured reports and dashboards to gain insight into real-time work status. View project charts and graphs for visual presentation of project performance. Use familiar tools like Excel and Access to export data to create simple customized project reports. EPM Live Reporting capabilities include:

  • Access Pre-configured Out-of-the-box Reports
  • Connect to Microsoft Excel and Access for Custom Reporting
  • View Pre-built Project Dashboards and Graphs
  • Create Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Access and Customize Built-in Report Center
  • Access Pre-built SRS Reports

Workflow and Governance:

Every business is filled with numerous processes whether it’s project initiation, risk management, resource staffing requests/assignment, or processing a supplier request. It can be inefficient for resources to remember the exact process, track progress, and manually move items along. Enable project workflow definition, standardization, communication, and enforcement of business processes across the organization. EPM Live Workflow and Governance capabilities include:

  • Design Custom Workflows
  • Automate Work Items Approvals
  • Automate Document Approvals and Feedback
  • Automate Timesheet Processes Through Built-in Workflow


Users familiar with Microsoft applications can leverage what they already know to collaborate on their work. Out of the box integrations with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Access and Project give project teams flexibility in how they work with project data. Leverage Microsoft’s Business Connectivity Services (BCS) for read/write access to external data from other line-of-business (LOB) systems. EPM Live Integration capabilities include:

  • Sync to Microsoft Outlook
  • Connect to Microsoft Excel and Access
  • Extend the Power of Microsoft Excel and Access
  • Extend the Power of Microsoft Project Online
  • Easily Integrate with Other Critical Business Systems
  • Connect to Microsoft Project Server

Notable Awards:

  • Named “Challenger” in 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud-based Project and Portfolio Management Services
  • Next Generation Visionary Leader for Integrated IT Management

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Product Reviews

Bringing it All Together

The best part of adopting the tool is that it allowed us to become proactive in making better project selections. We initiated our Project Management Office and used this tool. Several months later, our corporation began talks with the business areas on the subject of portfolio management, and because of our previous involvement using this tool, we were ahead of the game at the corporate level and were able to share many lessons learned as well as provide demonstrations on how we used it.

Product Reviews

The ability of having all your projects aligned to the Business Drivers has helped us make better selections of projects and show how we are making our projects align with objectives/goals that align back to the overall business drivers. We are proving that we are a business partner who invests in projects that are in support of the company's strategies. Project management, team accountability, and dashboard reporting have been of the most positive outcomes of using this tool. Because of it's integration with SharePoint it is also user-friendly because our end users are already comfortable with using SharePoint's capabilities an interface.
The only con to using this tool is culture acceptance. Since everything is visible in real-time it allows little 'tweeking' from project managers. Therefore, they have at times been reluctant to have a complete buy-in of the overall process.
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EPM Live’s WorkEngine solution is a true tool for everyone

EPM Live’s WorkEngine solution is a true tool for everyone in our organization. I’ve seen other PPM implementations that have failed due to user resistance and lack of adaption but EPM Live specializes in allowing only the functionality required to meet each user’s need and maturity level which has been a great success for our business. Not to mention the availability of their Free app solutions that allow us to further centralize both key components of both operational and project work.

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It's like Tivo, how did I get along without it?

I just shared with our CIO my ROI by measuring only time and gained efficiencies and that number came in over $75K, and our launch date was in June 2009.

Product Reviews

Easy to use and I can collaborate with my team without sending around excel files or a Project file. I get tasks updated from my team without having to constantly send out email reminders.

As a PMO Director I can generate quick reports for my CIO and finance department, but for us the largest benefit is the day to day management of many projects across the enterprise. Within a few clicks I can see the enterprise project status.
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not sure 2.?
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EPM Live for Project Mgmt

EPM Live has allowed us to gain vibibility into our overall project portfolio for insight into all our investments regardless of PM maturity or type of project.

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Do it all in SharePoint

EPM Live really allows me to get even more benefit out of my decision to use SharePoint. I now realize I can do so much more here than just share docucuments. I recommend you try it.

Product Reviews

Easily allows me to do project and work management right in my SharePoint environment. No longer need separate systems/solutions to perform these functions. Really easy to get started and maintain.
Have not encountered any.
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Great product. Highly recommended.

Product Reviews

Minimal learning curve considering it's integrated so tightly with SharePoint.
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Qualcomm Team Selected EPM Live

We have a team of multi-media specialists who must be chargeable at all times. EPM Live is the perfect tool to handle our resource management needs for allocation, availability and actuals.

Product Reviews

Easy to use
Most flexible tool to accomodate all of our users
Customizable for each team so it meets all requirements
Full resource capacity and allocation management
Leverages our current SharePoint environment
Version Reviewed
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Project Management

Highly recommend product for organizations using SharePoint and need to manage project and work across the organization.

Product Reviews

Complete Enterprise Project Management Solution built using SharePoint
Version Reviewed
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