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This software is rubbish

Do not bother to waste the $50,000 or more required to do a significant migration with this software.

In my personal view it has been written by in-experienced and incompetent people that have absolutely no idea about how to build a robust product.

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Periodically it can be made to do what it claims on the adverising.
Logging is complete rubbish and is totally unavailable for any useful purpose until after the migration jobs are finished.
Migration jobs can take days to run and the user of this software will have no idea where the software is upto.
The software does not save any time and I can actually migrate a site by manually building the lists and libraries faster than this software.
The sofware is buggy and has stupid numbers of memory leaks that consume gigabytes of memory even when doing nothing.
The interface to set up migration jobs can only be relied upon to destroy the definitions.
The scripting capability is non-existant and only permits one job to run at a time unless you are prepaired to allow concurent jobs to completely corrupt the contents of each job.
The project mode is the single most supidly designed feature in existance.
The support team has no idea how the product works.
The support team blames microsoft office 365 for the inadequacies of the "migration suite"
The software seems to run every step of migration even though you only want partial migrations.
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