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Excellent tool, provides near hassle-free migration

ShareGate allows us to provide a simple means of moving documents, list items, content types, sites, all the way up to whole site collections, from one SharePoint version and location to another. Think of it as an FTP client that speaks all dialects of SharePoint.

It let's one map properties and other elements that may not be exactly matching up in the old farm vs the new farm. For example, if users have left the organization and won't be in the destination SharePoint site, you can create rules as to who will become the owner of their documents.

All in all, I've had a good experience in my first few migrations with the tool. The alternative (manually accomplishing the same migration) would be an enormous chore. While I did have to "bang it with a wrench" a few times to get situations with inconsistent source data resolved, the tool is definitely a huge time saver and ensures a high level of fidelity in SharePoint migrations.

Product Reviews

- Simple UI
- Works seamlessly between on-premise and Office 365
- It is for the most part, as their marketing indicates, "Damn simple migration software"
- Complex conditions when historical versioned list items/library documents did not have specific fields/properties at a certain point cause an error condition. IMO this should be
- does not import/export from other platforms such as WordPress like it's competitor Metalogix can
- No ability to estimate time it will take for a migration, was stuck on a Saturday wrapping up a migration because I had no heads up. It would be great if it could run a sample set just to get an estimate of network/SharePoint latency, and then deliver a ballpark of the overall migration based on content selected
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