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Virto SharePoint Alerts and Reminders

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SharePoint Alerts and Reminders web part for Microsoft SharePoint 2013, 2010 and 2007 is a new and effective web part that enhances and streamlines SharePoint Alert Management System. With SharePoint Alerts and Reminders Web Part, you can create your own SharePoint Alerts, Reminders or Notifications and send them to a user or group of users. Alerts can be sent to them as Emails alerts or SMS alerts, in a single group ticket.

SharePoint alerts and notifications are essential features that allow users to effectively work on their tasks and always be on schedule. Though alerts in SharePoint are flexible, they often require additional adjustment and detailed customization. SharePoint Alerts and Reminders provides users with this additional adjustment tool. Now you can create your own SharePoint alert in an instant, and allow it to be sent to a specific user or a group of SharePoint users. An important feature with the SharePoint Alerts and Reminder Web Part is the ability to create your own SharePoint alerts in Rich Text format.

You can also define the frequency of SharePoint alerts by simple choosing one of the following options: send alert immediately, hourly, daily or weekly. SharePoint alerts can also be sent within a specified timetable (i.e., send email or sms alert only within business hours — from 8 AM to 5 PM). All of this can then be combined into a single ticket. When you enable this feature, all of your SharePoint alerts will be assembled into a single email instead of being sent in several email messages.

Finally, SharePoint Alerts and Reminders web part allows sending SharePoint alerts and notifications not only as e-mail alerts, but also as SMS alerts or via instant messengers like Jabber or Miranda.

Another feature of the SharePoint Alerts and Reminders web part is the Custom Filtering System. This allows users to create complex terms and conditions for sending SharePoint alerts. An example would be for you to receive SharePoint notifications when your task is complete or the percentage of completion is more than 90%.

The option of Custom Templates makes it possible to create the Body of the SharePoint Alert message within seconds. The Virto SharePoint Alert and Reminder Message Templates enables users to use different tags in the HTML-based template body. The tags are replaced with the Alert List column fields and other elements while the message is being drafted.

Key Features

  • Send Email Alerts and Notifications using (SMTP)
  • Ability to use SMPP server provider and Clickatell for sms alert sending in SharePoint
  • Ability to use more than one SMTP connection settings
  • Send SharePoint Alerts and Notifications to XMPP Instant Messengers Users (Jabber, Miranda etc)
  • Ability to add Active Directory (AD) user/group to Recipient List
  • Options of Recipients selection
  • Site administrator is able to customize Active Directory default connection settings
  • Supported Triggers: Create, Delete or Change Event
  • Customization of Email Alerts Content upon your needs
  • Sending Reminders on Recurrent events
  • Summary Notifications
  • Send SMS Alerts and Notifications (SMPP Server Support)
  • Frequency of sending Alerts
  • Select Email Alert Recipient
  • Use Message Templates
  • Send SharePoint Alerts about upcoming or overdue Events

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Virto SharePoint Alerts and Reminders
Virto SharePoint Alerts and Reminders
Virto SharePoint Alerts and Reminders
Virto SharePoint Alerts and Reminders

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Virto SharePoint Alerts and Reminders 2010-06-16 11:54:04 Jasper
Reviewed by Jasper    June 16, 2010
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Flexibility and simplicity

Probably, the simplest web part for SharePoint alert customization. Depspite its simplicity the component is at least as good as the other popular alert addons in terms of functionality and defenitely strong in terms of flexibility.

Highly recommended

Product Reviews

easy to use, simple to install, flexible
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Virto SharePoint Alerts and Reminders 2009-10-01 09:00:43 Eric
Reviewed by Eric    October 01, 2009

Powerful and Simple

Extremely poweful add-on for the SP alert system. As much flexible as possible.
Not that easy to integrate without installation guide, but the documentation is fine and helpful. Worth its money and indeed deserves 5 stars.

Product Reviews

wide functionality
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Virto SharePoint Alerts and Reminders 2009-09-15 15:16:42 Paul
Reviewed by Paul    September 15, 2009

Great and easy to use web part

I was looking for such components and tried 3 or 4 before I found this one. It’s the web part I need. Working fine and has fair price.

Product Reviews

Good developed, easy to install and use, powerful and cost effective!
Need more security
Version Reviewed
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