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OmniAnalyser™ provides SharePoint metrics of large distributed environments and clouds with focus on business transactions in end-to-end manner. Different reporting sets offer an accurate insight into SharePoint service quality levels and usage statistics based on logical rather than physical division of business units as well as presenting statistics on status of IT resources within an organization and how optimally resources are being used.

A special attention of OmniAnalyser™ SharePoint reporting is given to transactional metering of SharePoint service quality by mimicking of different real users performing common and business-critical tasks from various global locations and plotting data with historical SLA and topological perspectives in addition to real-world measurements. Reports offer an insight into site farm usage by logically dividing and processing data - metrics on sites usage by individual users, offices, departments, cities and countries pinpoint strong and weak areas of service ecosystem hinting on ways to proactively improve and optimize service delivery process without the need to dwell into technical details. Platform-agnostic orientation allows simultaneous merging of report sets with other commonly used IT services and platforms such as web, mobile, messaging and instant messaging, whilst intelligent filtering enables conducting deep down event analysis alongside with trending and forecasting activities.

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