LeapBackup for Office 365 SharePoint

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LeapBackup for Office 365 SharePoint

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LeapBackup is a one-click, simple, cloud backup/restore for Office365. It uses standard SharePoint interfaces to create a complete backup of your SharePoint site, and then stores it securely on the Microsoft Azure Storage service. There is nothing to install, and you can be up and running in minutes.

Since the cloud never crashes, why would you need a backup solution for Office365? Here are a few good reasons:

  1. You may want a simple way to backup your Office365 environment so you can restore it on another SharePoint environment, perhaps for testing, development, or redundancy.
  2. Office365 retains backups of SharePoint content for only 14 days. Meaning if you delete something, and only realize 2 weeks later, then you are out of luck. LeapBackup can go back as far, and as often as you need.

Once securely stored, your backup history is available for you to:

  • Download it, perhaps so you can restore it on-premise.
  • Restore it, you can restore it directly back to where it came from, or into a new site where you can access and manually restore individual documents.

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