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OnePlaceMail: Outlook to SharePoint Integration by Scinaptic 2013-05-10 00:18:25 Phil Munro
Reviewed by Phil Munro    May 10, 2013

OnePlaceMail: a great partner to SharePoint

Our organisation moved to SharePoint but found that we needed a better way to deal with the emailing of links/attachments. Our IT company suggested OnePlaceMail. After an initial trial, we decided to run with it - and so far, haven't looked back. Our IT company seem to have no problems with the software.

Along with providing the solution to our emailing requirements, being able to use SharePoint directly through Outlook without having to open a separate browser has been very useful.

Product Reviews

* Quick to respond to initial queries.
* Open to presenting latest developments (just before flying to an IT conference in the US, no less).
* Easy to use.
* Customization works for our organisation.
* Integration with Word & Excel made for a smooth transition.
* A couple of minor issues to start with (nothing that wasn't swiftly solved)
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