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OnePlaceMail: Outlook to SharePoint Integration by Scinaptic 2014-07-29 16:31:46 Tony Chappell
Reviewed by Tony Chappell    July 29, 2014

Sr. SharePoint Architect

We have used OnePlaceMail for a couple years now and love it. It is far better than any other competing Outlook/SharePoint synchronizing tool. Not only is the customer support very responsive and a pleasure to deal with, they actually listen to the users. A feature request that we suggested when we used an earlier version, was actually implemented in the next release! Besides the ease and simple setup for the end-users, on the application side, OnePlaceMail also includes a SharePoint solution which provides a content type with all of the email specific site columns to capture all of the email metadata when uploading an email.

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Simple setup
Great customer support
Manages loading large document libraries well
Great new inline search feature
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