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(Updated: March 11, 2013)

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I was impressed with many aspects of ShortUrl. One of those aspects is that SharePoint ShortUrl is written as SharePoint software, and it stores all the ShortUrls as items in a SharePoint list. When the ShortUrl Feature is activated at the Web Application scope, a list named “shorturl” is created at the root of the web application. That list stores all the ShortUrls and allows some management of them.

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SharePoint ShortUrl has a few ways you can use it for your URL-shortening needs. You can enable the Features that correspond to the functionality you want. In my case, this was for an anonymously accessed blog, and I needed short URLs only for specific blog posts and various other files. After the ShortUrl is created, you have some options to get out the good word. You can copy the ShortUrl to your clipboard or email it to someone.
When I was testing their software, I noticed a bug. When an anonymous user clicked a ShortUrl, they were prompted for authentication. After some testing, it turned out this was because of how ShortUrl updated the Hit Count for the ShortUrl. ShortUrl was not written for anonymous sites in mind. It was written with internal users in mind, I was trying to use the software in a way it wasn’t necessarily intended. I reported that to the SharePoint Sense folks and thanked them for allowing me to test their software, but unfortunately it wasn’t a good fit. About a week later I got an email back from them; they had fixed the bug and wanted me to take another look at the software. I was amazed by this.
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