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Really cool business solutions for SharePoint

We use BPA CRM since 2007 and are absolutely satisfied with the product. We used the customization features a lot and are very impressed about the enormous flexibility and possibilities without coding a line of code.
As the user-interface is very intuitive, we do not spend a lot of time on user training, still everybody knows how to use any modules we created additionally.
We made the migration from SharePoint 2007 to 2010 and have been quite satisfied about the smooth upgrade path. Thanks for that!
Besides BPA CRM, we use BPA Project and the BPA Support Portal, too. Both modules added a huge value to our organization and we fully recommend these solutions.
By the way: we use hosted Exchange and a hosted BPA support portal and internally operated BPA CRM and BPA project and a BPA project environment for our customer projects in the DMZ. Still, everything is linked together :-)

Product Reviews

standard template delivered already everything we needed
almost unlimited flexibility in custom configurations due to BPA xRM framework
seamlessly integrated in SharePoint (Foundation and Server)
seamlessly integrated with MS Outlook and MS Office
really cool integration with other business templates form BPA Solutions, like PM, QM, Recruiting and many more
mature solutions
great Customer and Support portal available
brilliant mobile edition
easy to use
easy to understand
Version Reviewed
BPA CRM 2010
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