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SharePoint CRM by BPA Solutions 2011-09-20 21:31:07 Rob Cummings
Reviewed by Rob Cummings    September 20, 2011

BPA CRM as the underlying framework for Private Eq

Back in 2007, Falfurrias Capital commissioned a project to customize BPA CRM to serve the unique needs of a private equity business. After a successful 3 years utilizing the platform as the "backbone" of Falfurrias' business, we decided to take the underlying BPA CRM framework to build Private Equity DealCloud, a CRM offering targeted at the Alternate Investment industry. Today, PE DealCloud boasts numerous clients that are utilizing BPA CRM as the underlying framework for their PE DealCloud application. The product is stable, the functionality is unique, and the customization environment rivals with the added benefit of robust document management and collaboration functionality (the inherent benefit of SharePoint).

Product Reviews

- Ability to manage many to many, complex relationhships
- Rich document management capabilities
- Easy to use configuration/customization environment
- Easy to use, intuitive user interface
- Inherent benefits of SharePoint
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