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Room Manager for SharePoint by ACAR
HR & Office Management

Need a Conference Room Manager?

If you have been looking for a tool to help you manage conference rooms in SharePoint, then this 3rd party product may be your solution. I needed a tool that enhanced the way SharePoint presented rooms and calendar events for our conference rooms, and this was the best tool I could find.

Not only was it a snap to setup, but it also allowed me to customize it to fit our needs. I am implementing this product with a custom SharePoint Designer workflow to allow some oversight of room scheduling. We have some rooms that require an approval before the meeting/event can be posted on the calendar. The built-in "waiting list" concept made that an easy task for my workflow.

Overall, this is a handy product that works well, is pretty flexible, and doesn't break your budget.

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It allows you to quickly and easily implement a solution for room management while making use of mostly Out Of the Box SharePoint features. Room management can be delegated down to appropriate levels and the Administrator shouldn’t have any major tasks after the initial setup.
Minor problem with the display of some of the pre-defined colors for events on our test server.
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