SharePoint Calendar Plus Web Part by KWizCom

SharePoint Calendar Plus Web Part by KWizCom

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SharePoint Calendar Plus Web Part by KWizCom

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SharePoint Calendar Plus web part allows users to view schedule data collected from various sources, such as:

  • Exchange Server private/shared calendars
  • SharePoint lists on various or multiple WSS sites
  • Custom calendar providers (CalendarPlus professional only)

It allows a user to receive a single, aggregated view of all events and meetings (both private and shared). SharePoint Calendar Plus web part displays each event in a color that indicates its source.


  • Support resizing the calendar to fit your web page's design
  • Aggregate events from multiple SharePoint sites
  • Connect to any required list type (not only "Events")
  • Support viewing data from the user's Outlook calendar
  • Support viewing Microsoft Outlook shared calendars 
  • Aggregate data from any legacy application 
  • Event coloring according to event source
  • Event coloring according to event type 
  • Support list views - enabling you to aggregate list items defined by custom SharePoint list views 
  • Printable calendar 
  • Support dynamic URL tokens - tokens such as [current site] enable you to use the Calendar Plus web part in a site template using relative URL, eliminating the need to configure the web part after a site is created 
  • No client installation needed - fast & easy deployment
  • Dynamic generated background colors for aggregated list levels
  • Asynchronous calendar loading - all events are loaded without delaying the loading of the SharePoint site.
  • Support different user credentials for SharePoint and Exchange server
  • Aggregation of SharePoint Site Collections using a parametric Query String
  • Aggregation of SharePoint Meeting Sites
  • Indication of the amount of events per day by using color indication
  • Integration with SharePoint mini calendar in the SharePoint Calendar List Page
  • Instant navigation to a specific date (month and year)
  • Support Public Calendar in OWA
  • Multi-lingual
  • Include both regular calendar and mini-calendar views in a single product
  • Enable adding new events to various sources directly from the Calendar Plus web part interface 
  • Support Firefox
  • Support multiple time zones
  • Define exactly which event columns are displayed in the event's tooltip 

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4.8  (2)
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Product Reviews

Very flexible web part but..

This calendar is very helpful and is definitely worth the price!

Product Reviews

KWizCom Calendar Plus indeed has many advanced features.
We used it only to aggregate SharePoint events and tasks lists, but the main advantage for us was the ability to easily use it as part of site templates that we enroll. This is due to their use of dynamic tokens to define connection to SharePoint lists – this way those urls are always true no matter on which server your enroll your site template.
Settings UI could be improved, sometimes confusing. However, with the help of their support team I was finally able to configure the web part.
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Great web part!

Great app.

Product Reviews

• Very easy to install
• Has all 3 calendars we need in one product: Monthly/weekly calendar, mini-calendar and private calendar (connected to our Exchange server)
• Has event colour coding
• Great price
This web part has tons of settings (12 configuration forms!), so not so easy unless you read the user guide.
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