Ontolica Fusion 2013

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Ontolica Fusion 2013

Ontolica Fusion 2013 is an integration software for SharePoint. Many organizations have realized that the integration of SharePoint with other enterprise systems is paramount to truly empower individual users as well as project teams.

Integrate & synchronize content and business data: SharePoint is steadily becoming a business critical platform and a central hub for end-users work life. Ontolica Fusion is an enterprise class platform for bi-directional integration of all enterprise information repositories with SharePoint.

Synchronize with files shares and legacy CMS:  Ontolica Fusion easily connects SharePoint to any number of file shares. With advanced synchronization, it is even possible to bidirectionally 

update a document that is stored in multiple places. 

This feature becomes especially useful when integrating SharePoint 

with legacy CMS such as Lotus Notes.



Migrate content to SharePoint 2013:  Ontolica Fusion is the ideal tool for to migrating content to SP2013. With the ability to keep content synchronized across multiple SharePoint farms and to move and copy content in batches, Fusion significantly eases the pain of migrating.

Key Features:

  • Bi-directional synchronization
  • Windows file shares synchronization
  • Visual mapping of external databases
  • Consume Web Services
  • Scheduled batch execution
  • Rule driven in-stream enrichment of metadata
  • Master Data Management with data cleansing, normalization and staging
  • Excel generation and integration
  • Master Data Store for staging and transformation of data
  • Transaction level logging, audit trail and active alerts
  • Sandbox development and testing of integration jobs
  • Adds highly scalable multi-tasking support
  • No coding - no farm installation - 100% Web Services

Synchronize with LOB systems & databases: With Ontolica Fusion, integration of line-of-business systems with SharePoint becomes easy, secure, and scalable. Administrators are able to use the visual mapping feature to navigate to any data model. The Web Services plug-in interface, or native database drivers, can also be leveraged to connect to LOB data and define destinations in any Document Library or List.

Master Data Management solution for SharePoint: With Ontolica Fusion it is easy to create a dynamic master representation of the data that needs to be integrated into SharePoint. Fusion can run conditional data cleansing, and rules based transformation against the data during the import process. After transformation, data can also be exported automatically into SharePoint or can be staged in the Master Data Store as needed.
Enrich metadata to improve findability: Ontolica Fusion provides unique capabilities for creating and updating metadata in SharePoint. It is able to read document references in SharePoint and perform look-up’s in external databases to match relevant metadata. This allows users to create and update relevant metadata fields within SharePoint.
Mass create, update, copy, move and delete content in batches: Ontolica Fusion enables mass batch changes, as well as the ability to move and copy content across the same or multiple farms. This functionality is supported by multi-tasking and automatic throttling against SharePoint APIs.
Native integration to Oracle, DB2, Sybase and MS SQL beyond basic BCS integration: In addition, Ontolica Fusion provides integration with optimized native database drivers to Oracle, DB2, Sybase, and MS SQL for advanced and scalable business and metadata integration.


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