Longitude Hummingbird Connector for Search by BA Insight

Longitude Hummingbird Connector for Search by BA Insight

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Longitude Hummingbird Connector for Search by BA Insight

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Longitude's Hummingbird connector enables SharePoint to index Hummingbird content, securely while ensuring enterprise performance. The Longitude Hummingbird Connector, is the only Hummingbird connector in the market that offers two tier security as well as administrative features that remove the burden of constant maintenance from IT staff.


  • High Performance - Highly optimized, the Longitude Hummingbird Connector can index documents at a rate of up to 60 per second. For data only, that figure approaches 500 per second. Longitude's change log based model of Incremental Indexing permits more frequent updates to the index. It is possible to update an index of 10 million documents in under one hour. The real-time Security Trimmer interface is optimized to provide sub-second results that won't compromise your servers.
  • Two Tier Security Model - The Longitude Connector provides extensive, automated mapping tools to ensure that your disparate systems’ security is honored by SharePoint and Active Directory through the security mapping of Users and Groups. SharePoint’s new Security Trimmer interface model is fully supported to ensure that recent changes to security are honored when searching. The Longitude security models are automatically audited to ensure compliance and include an auto-alert system.
  • Metadata/Profile Information Mapping - Longitude's Content Definition Interface provides many options for mapping your systems’ data into SharePoint searchable properties. Longitude's extended metadata types allow you to connect to other external systems for relevant data to be added as searchable properties. For example, while indexing a document from Hummingbird, the indexer can connect to your CRM system to retrieve additional data about the client and add it to the documents searchable properties.
  • Effecient Configuration and Administration - Longitude's administration system is accessible only from within the SharePoint Central Administration area. The administration system is a custom SharePoint site that is installed on your Shared Service Provider. In turn, the interface is highly intuitive and familiar as it is native SharePoint. Adminstration Supports both advanced and wizard-based configuration models toutilize workflows and tasks, ensuring proper initial and continued configurations.
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Excellent option for DMS integration into SharePoi

This product has allowed our firm to make SharePoint search much more by including documents from our DMS in the index. BA-Insight has been a pleasure to work with; their depth of understanding of the SharePoint search problem domain is truly impressive.

Product Reviews

Flexible configuration allows our firm to index OpenText/Hummingbird DM5, including metadata such as client and matter number, as well as security information, into the SharePoint index, providing users with a single search interface.
Requires a fairly deep understanding of both SharePoint and DMS, but this con is offset by the truly excellent technical support provided by BA-Insight.
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