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This product accomplishes what it claims. The biggest challenge that we've had with sharepoint is being able to manage autocad and revit projects that live in a website. This bridges the gap, coordinates xrefs, images, and other attachments, and makes working with sharepoint efficient, especially from a user standpoint (architects, designers, cad users). We also tested CADnection in our environment and found that it couldn't accomplish what it claimed. All of the features we needed are now on their top 10 most requested, seen here --> Organice does the things that other products can't when it comes to integrating AutoCAD and Sharepoint.

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The best thing about this product is that it's a great solution for managing AutoCAD and xref files within sharepoint. Without it, sharepoint is cumbersome for working project directories, and for our AutoCAD/Revit users to be able to work with.
The price. It's higher than other products like CADnection, however, CADnection's products don't effectively do what they say (especially with XREF management), and Organice offers an overwhelming amount of services and possibilities with their product line, enough to make up for the price.
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