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Great solution when you need forms for compliance

In our organization we use some standard forms for HR process which we normally send to people by email so they could print them, fill-in, scan and send us back. Not the most elegant way of putting things together. With PDF Share Forms solution however, it went to a new level, and now all those forms are filled in and submitted electronically. The beauty of the tool also comes when we need to handle the responses - they are so easy to filter and manipulate as we have all the data we need in the document library already with workflow status info etc. Thumbs up, - great solution, outstanding value. And amazing service, guys really try to be helpful and do provide help with all of our implementation for now extra.

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Form import is really fast. My department manager, who is not really an IT person can now do his own forms and import them to SharePoint
No biggie, but for some cases you need to have Acrobat Pro to use it to the full extent.
Field mapping for the big forms could have been automated a bit better.
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