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(Updated: June 10, 2015)

Bugs galore

It's ok for what it does, but they need to amp up their development/testing team to resolve the many bugs that I have caught.

Product Reviews

Captures digital signatures and pushes out fields to sharepoint columns
- Very little documentation. Their support site has examples, but their is no true help site. As for the scripting, it's better to go through adobe's own pdf scripting tutorials.

- Bugs are all over. For example, in one form, I set a field to read only. When you open the form in the sharepoint browser, it's enabled. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's pretty much a crap shoot. When setting some fields in the form the first time, and coming back and reopening the form and clearing out the fields, it throws xml serialization errors. I had many sessions with their support team before they confirmed these were bugs. It's as if they have no testers and their clients are their only testers.

-When making a revision to the form and publishing it to a document library, it makes previous versions of the forms unusable. There's a powershell way to make it work, but this can only be done with the farm administrator. So, site collection admins are stuck with a bunch of forms that can not be used. It would be nice to have a way on the ui to make all of the existing forms in the library get the changes.

- A simple change like setting the document title when the form is created in a library requires C# script to be used. This requires a user to be granted that access on central admin through their feature. It seems like a trivial thing to have to use a script to set

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