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Integrated SAF into our MSBuild Project

Overall - SAF is well worth looking into, but, I am going to give 4 (not 5) as the docco isn't complete yet. (I am planning to do a blog post to help out in this respect).

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We use SAF to automate our config changes as part of the build (and deployment) process. It integrates really easy using the MSBuild task and the sample documentation is fantastic! One thing I particularly like about SAF is it's ability to call STSADM and Powershell. This allows us to wrap all of our deployment scripts really easily.

If you look at the examples, SAF can also be called from a "Feature" or via "Stsadm", however, we haven't used those yet. Although, I am trying to get our devs to use the SAF from a Feature.
SAF is quite hard to get started, but in my opinion it's worth it! (The downloadable samples are really good to get you started).

One thing I would like to know more about (but can't find any detail on), is how to create your own Actions. I believe you can do it, but how ??
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