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Elegant and powerful

I have been using this library for 3 months, on a project where we were limited to Sharepoint Designer and clientside code.

I stumbled across this library when looking for problem fixes (for multi-select boxes and cascade filtering dropdowns). However the range of Utilities & web service calls available has meant that this has become my most-used Toolset.

This library has enabled us to build and release a 700 user forms-based site (including finding a workable solution for filtering a 5000 row look-up).

Many thanks to Marc and team for providing such a well-documented Codeplex toolset and for the amazing level of support.

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No Server code to install or Server admin rights required
SharePoint Designer-friendly tools
Can even be used if you only have a web browser + designer/site owner level access
You might get inspired to scale down your Javascript and learn some Jquery
Version Reviewed
SPServices 0.5.7
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