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Using the WorkplaceSuite as a replacement for MOSS

I love this product. I wouldn't know what to do if I moved to a new environment that didn't include CorasWorks.

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My company wanted all of the amenities of MOSS with a WSS budget. CorasWorks allows us to have many of the MOSS functions and more for a fraction of the cost. With Cal licensing and the purchase price of MOSS, it just wasn’t feasible. CorasWorks easily integrates into your WSS (and MOSS) environment. It is easy to use and gives end users the functionality they want.
CorasWorks allows us to roll-up multiple lists from multiple sites. Example: Task lists. If you have task lists on multiple sites, instead of making the user go to each site to complete their tasks, the roll-up allows the user to go to one page to see all tasks assigned to them. It also allows them to see the tasks displayed in a custom display such as red, green, yellow (status). The roll-up not only allows the user to see their tasks, but act upon them in one place, too. All the user has to do is check the box next to the tasks they wish to complete, change, or add to, and using an easy drop-down action menu, they can make the changes right there. Click the tasks, choose an action, enter the data and save. All of the tasks are now updated even on multiple sites and the user never left the page.
Another big seller for us was the cascading navigation. With MOSS you have great cascading navigation which you do not get with WSS. WSS limits the amount of real estate you have for navigation. With CorasWorks, not only do you get the functionality of cascading navigation, you also get the flexibility of using the same navigation on multiple sites and only having to update it in one place. You also can go pretty far with the navigation; drop-downs, fly-outs, and more drop-downs..etc.
I haven’t really come across many Cons. The only problem I have faced is wanting to push the tool further, but every time I mention wanting a new function or webpart, the developers at CorasWorks take that info and roll out a webpart that does what I need.
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