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JoinPro SharePoint Web Part

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JoinPro extends SharePoint and gives developers and power users the ability to create queries with multiple level join (2 to n lists, inner, outer, left, right) with different lists data as in a SQL Editor environment. You can group, filter and order the query results. Once you've created the JoinPro "project" on the client side, query results are displayed via Join Pro Web Part server side. It only takes minutes. No code needed.

JoinPro is composed by an editor (which allows users to select lists, define relations, etc…) and a WebPart, included in the package, used to display selected data. The data structures created with the editor can also be exported for the final in user in Excel or CSV format.

Some of the main JoinPro features are:

  • SharePoint list selection (form different sites and servers)
  • Relation definition between multiple lists using endless parameters (from 2 to n), using all kind of JOIN (inner, full, left, right)
  • Sorting and filter options
  • Grouping and filed selection options

Benefits of JoinPro:

IT departments will have the possibility to better satisfy user needs by creating, in an extremely simple way, new custom views with data coming from different SharePoint lists.

Final users, either top managers or operations, will easily access through the Web Part to data useful for their work; they will also be able to manage those data in Excel or CSV format in order to create charts, convert them to pdf or print them.

Developers will take advantage of JoinPro by nimbly creating complex SharePoint sites and producing custom views to display relational data from different lists.

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