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Developer for SharePoint is a Microsoft Outlook sidebar that provides full-featured access to SharePoint document libraries. Accessing SharePoint with is five to six times faster than having to switch contexts and access SharePoint from a browser, bringing SharePoint to every business user.

Use's Outlook sidebar to:

  • Search, access and share documents and emails on SharePoint quickly and easily.
  • Easily make revisions on one master document to simplify the revision and reviews cycle.
  • Reduce workplace distractions with one central collaboration hub.

The free Outlook sidebar enables users to work more efficiently, and improve SharePoint adoption with the organization.

Please visit company website for more information. Free and Enterprise products, which support SharePoint enterprise social features, are available.

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    Please enter the security code. for SharePoint (Free Edition) 2013-10-03 15:58:53 Katherine Wilson
Reviewed by Katherine Wilson    October 03, 2013
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Great free product for SP2010!

We recommend this product to staff to use with our 2010 deployment but from what we've gathered, the major functionality of this product will become obsolete as the 2013 version of SharePoint has drag and drop built into the UI.

Product Reviews

Very easy to install and use. Anyone can set it up themselves; no need to get tech support involved. Very simple, no training required to use, very intuitive for the average user. This free tool is a big time time saver for staff.
It is the free version so there are some functionalities missing, but for free product it does the job.
Version Reviewed
1.2.0 + Sharepoint 2010
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Report this review for SharePoint (Free Edition) 2010-12-06 15:20:22 Eric J.
Reviewed by Eric J.    December 06, 2010

Great product- I can't believe it's free.

I haven't yet worked with mulit-document check-out/check-in, which is one of my users' most requested features.

Product Reviews

Pros has become an indispensable part of how I work with SharePoint. The ability to drag-and-drop Outlook attachments, and set metadata without going though the browser has sped up my workflow and taken a lot of the pain out of working with document libraries.
I've had some trouble installing on co-workers' workstations. The installer seems to be hit-or-miss and I haven't always been able to troubleshoot.
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