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Colligo Email Manager

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Colligo Email Manager is a simple, powerful and reliable solution to enterprise email management in SharePoint 2010. It features seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and makes it fast and easy to file, tag, find, view, and share email and attachments in SharePoint, all from within the familiar Outlook interface. Colligo Email Manager streamlines SharePoint interaction by providing simple, intuitive ways to move or copy email and attachments to SharePoint from Outlook, including "drag-and-drop" or "Send & File". Email metadata is automatically captured for findability, and additional metadata can be easily added to classify content according to corporate guidelines or regulatory requirements. The integrated search functionality searches both SharePoint and Outlook to locate emails, or find documents to send as attachments. SharePoint sites can also be viewed from within Outlook, making finding content easier than ever before.


File email to SharePoint as easily as using Outlook. SharePoint document libraries and folders are represented as Outlook folders in the familiar Outlook folder tree, for a familiar "drag and drop" experience. Move and Copy buttons in your Outlook toolbar provide alternative ways to file to SharePoint, for quick access to Favorites and History.

Store email and attachments together in SharePoint as a single .msg file, maintaining important data links, which can be critical for compliance. Or, file attachments separately as standalone documents. Rely on SharePoint 2010’s in-place records management for secure email records retention and disposition.

Many of today’s SharePoint environments are very large, utilizing thousands of sites, libraries, and folders. Easily store items in the correct SharePoint location, with ad-hoc filing for fast navigation through folder hierarchies of any size.

  • File email and attachments to SharePoint using "drag and drop" or toolbar actions
  • Automatically file email to SharePoint using "Send & File"
  • Automatically save email to SharePoint using Outlook rules
  • Prevent filing duplicate emails to the same location
  • Declare email records using SharePoint 2010’s in-place records management capabilities


Automatically capture up to 22 common email properties and add these to SharePoint as metadata tags. Properties such as "To", "From", "Subject" and "Sent Date" are stored automatically, making it easy to find filed emails and attachments later. Further categorize according to regulatory or organizational requirements-for example, by including the Project name or Matter number-using custom metadata.

  • Automatically tag email with up to 22 common email properties
  • Custom metadata support for all major SharePoint metadata types, including enterprise-managed metadata (taxonomies and keywords)
  • Highly flexible metadata configuration in SharePoint, using custom column names, works within any SharePoint information architecture


Easily locate documents and emails filed to SharePoint, driving productivity and collaboration, and supporting your ediscovery initiatives. Integrated Search functionality locates emails, documents, images, and other content in SharePoint from a search pane within Outlook.

  • Search for email, documents, and folders in SharePoint from Outlook
  • Search Outlook and multiple SharePoint sites simultaneously
  • Search SharePoint using full-text search or metadata
  • Search on email metadata (To, Subject, etc.) or custom metadata
  • Double-click to open emails and documents directly from the search results
  • Send a link to an item’s SharePoint location from the search results
  • Leverage SharePoint’s powerful search capabilities
  • Supports Microsoft FAST Search Server for SharePoint


Expose SharePoint content within Outlook, simply by clicking on any SharePoint folder in the Outlook folder tree. Files, lists, libraries and other content are immediately visible in a web browser-style view and can be browsed and opened. All of the familiar SharePoint features are available, such as check-in/check-out and record declaration.

  • View SharePoint site content without leaving Outlook
  • Browse SharePoint sites using the Outlook folder tree
  • Quickly browse and view email and files from within Outlook
  • Access SharePoint features such as check-in/check-out and record declaration


Reduce the volume of email attachments, and promote the use of SharePoint for document storage, by making it easy to send links to email and documents in SharePoint. Fast, right-click access to "Send as Link" streamlines collaboration and reduces storage costs by preventing multiple copies of the same content.

  • Send links to documents in SharePoint rather than full attachments
  • Reduce attachment proliferation and promote SharePoint document management

Colligo Administrator

For organizations requiring centralized deployment and administration, increased scalability, and management of SharePoint content on personal devices, Colligo Administrator is an optional administration suite for Colligo’s desktop and mobile products.

  • Decrease time and cost of deployment and increase IT efficiency with centralized deployment tools
  • Reduce IT management overhead through centralized administration
  • Support corporate governance initiatives and address the democratization of IT with secure, centrally-enforced role- and policy-based SharePoint access
  • Gain deep insight into Colligo and SharePoint usage to ensure that factors determining SharePoint adoption and ROI can be tracked, communicated, and optimized (planned future release)

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