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Email2Cloud by Parker Software

Email2Cloud will synchronize your emails and parse key business information to integrate your processes and systems. It helps you transform incoming messages into structured data and use this to execute procedures automatically.

Email2Cloud allows real-time automation of your online processes. Integrate with your popular web services and cloud providers to build a system to save you both time and money. Aggregate and consolidate, and parse information from a variety of sources.

Built using the popular Email2DB automation software, Email2Cloud gives you the ultimate in performance and scalability by using the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. 

Email2Cloud can read incoming emails from multiple IMAP, POP3 or Microsoft Exchange server mailboxes and sync them with SharePoint lists or document libraries. Works with on-premise or hosted (Office 365) SharePoint installations.

Email2Cloud can add complete emails and attachments to SharePoint lists or document libraries, or it can parse & extract specific field information. Synchronize multiple mailboxes from a single Email2Cloud server.

Includes the following Microsoft SharePoint Actions:

  • Add items to SharePoint lists
  • Upload files or attachments to a SharePoint document library.
  • Upload files or attachments and attach to a SharePoint List item.
  • Update any number of separate SharePoint sites.
  • Watch the SharePoint Integration Video

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Flows well

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Works well, with very few sync problems. Great product and great customer service
monthly subscription seems a little high.
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