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MindUP for SharePoint by Calinda Software

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MindUP for SharePoint is an e-mail productivity and mapping tool that installs on any SharePoint Server, allowing to connect SharePoint sites to MindUP workspaces (on MindUP Live or on your MindUP Enterprise Server).

MindUP can dynamically build a visual mapping of e-mail exchanges occurring within a workgroup to make them easier to understand and to make the decision process smoother.

MindUP for SharePoint is a software solution which, while requiring no installation on the users' computers, centralizes and maps all of a team’s e-mail exchanges, even with external partners, and makes them available in a shared workspace in SharePoint. Users don't need to leave their familiar work environment made of SharePoint and their e-mail applications. All the documents they exchange via e-mail are automatically made available in the group's SharePoint site and may be versioned or managed in workflows thanks to SharePoint. When a team member sends an attachment to the group, it is captured, added to SharePoint and replaced by a link to reduce everyone’s mailbox size.

Microsoft Outlook users can also install a plug-in that automatically creates Outlook folders corresponding to the SharePoint sites and sorts all incoming e-mails in the right folders automatically. A right-click on the folder allows them to start a new discussion or publish a document to the SharePoint site directly from Outlook.

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Incredibly efficient - enhances Sharepoint usage

If you want real collaboration within SharePoint, Mindup is terrific. A must have.

Product Reviews

Mindup simplifies SharePoint use, and brings teams and teamwork a completely new working dimension. It adds conversations dynamics inside sharepoint sites, and helps sharepoint become more than a documents mibrary. With mindup the team is sharing more, hence using sharepoint at a greater level, and even the IT-scarred use it , as you can work from your email client directly. A great great enhancement to collaboration with Share Point.
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