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Colligo Contributor Pro

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Colligo Contributor™ Pro is client software that enables users to easily access, modify, and create SharePoint content through three desktop interfaces: (1) a standalone desktop client for instant SharePoint access, both online and offline, (2) an Add-In for Microsoft Outlook® for 2-way access, email drag and drop and automatic metadata capture, and (3) a Windows Explorer extension for seamlessly linking folders on a users file system with SharePoint document libraries.


Interfaces: Client, Outlook & Windows Explorer

The Contributor Client looks and acts like the default SharePoint 2007 web interface, but offers the improved user experience of a full desktop application. With the Contributor Add-In for Outlook, users can easily move or copy emails and attachments between Outlook and SharePoint and better manage attachments in SharePoint. The Contributor File Manager seamlessly integrates SharePoint with Windows Explorer and intelligently links any application that uses a standard Windows File Open/Save dialog to SharePoint.

Email & Attachment Drag-and-Drop

Emails and attachments can be easily moved or copied to SharePoint libraries and folders through drag-and-drop or Outlook rules. Message fields are instantly captured. Users can set content types and apply custom metadata, then save emails as .msg files with an automatically generated unique name.

  • Support better email & document management
  • Auto capture email fields (To, From, Date, etc.)
  • Apply custom SharePoint metadata in Outlook

Folder Drag-and-Drop

Complete folder structures may be copied from a users' desktop or between SharePoint document libraries with a simple “drag-and-drop” operation. The necessary folders are created in SharePoint, files uploaded and metadata values set on each file imported.
Specify custom metadata using the default folder level metadata feature
Add metadata via customizable metadata editor

Manage Attachments in SharePoint

The Contributor Add-In enables users to instantly upload attachments to SharePoint, and replace them with links. Customizable email send rules prompt users to upload attachments before sending.

  • Reduce email size
  • Overcome OST/PST limitations
  • Convert users to SharePoint based collaboration

Online & Offline Configuration Options

All Contributor interfaces support local caching, improving productivity by delivering instant access to content when working offline or over slow connections. Contributor Add-In allows users to choose whether a list or library is available online-only or cached.

  • Update SharePoint content while offline
  • Automatically update changes when online
  • Get instant access over slow networks

Document & Form Libraries

Specific SharePoint document libraries or folders are synched to the Contributor interfaces with easy-to-use toolbar buttons. In the Outlook interface, libraries are accessed through a folder tree. Documents are easily opened, edited, and saved. Content is added to libraries through drag-and-drop or by using forms.

  • Drag-and-drop new documents to SharePoint
  • Update documents from within Outlook
  • Create documents from content types & forms

Custom & Standard Lists

Users gain access to custom lists and many standard lists including events, issues, links, contacts, announcements, tasks, and agendas. SharePoint list items are added and edited with just a few clicks. Changes made in the Contributor interfaces are automatically updated in SharePoint.

  • Set content types for list items
  • Access and update custom lists
  • Add items to standard lists
  • Right-click to edit item properties

Views & Metadata

Views can be used online and offline to quickly organize and find content. Metadata for documents and list items can be edited or added to one or multiple items at a time, with a simple right-click action. Default folder-level metadata can be set for automatic application. Multi-value lookups are also supported.

  • Right-click to quickly update metadata
  • Edit common metadata to multiple files at once
  • Use Views in Outlook to easily find data
  • Set default folder-level metadata

Synchronization & Version Resolution

Users can select specific libraries, folders, or lists for sync. Cached content is kept up-to-date with any automatic background sync. When online, modifications to content can immediately trigger synchronization. Configuration options can be set by individual users or locked by IT. Elegant conflict resolution, integrated with Microsoft Word® compare and merge, notifies the user if conflicting edits have been made by multiple users while offline.

  • Set sync on startup, view, edit, or interval
  • Resolve conflicts with compare & merge
  • Use Check-Out & Check-In to lock content


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