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SharePoint Document Auto Title by BoostSolutions

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SharePoint Document Auto Title provides a SharePoint workflow template named "Document Auto Title Workflow" to automatically set titles for documents when documents are uploaded or modified.

Normally, when a document is uploaded to SharePoint Document library, the SharePoint document title will not be set automatically only in the case that the document has "Title” metadata. Usually you’d like the uploaded SharePoint document title is as same as the file name by default without inputting the title manually in SharePoint Document library. Unfortunately you have to do that especially if you need to lookup documents while only Title not File Name can be used as "Get Information From”.

SharePoint Document Auto Title can help you complete such a boring work. By Document Auto Title Workflow, you don’t need to fill in Title column when documents are uploaded. After the documents have been uploaded, waiting for the workflow finished, the SharePoint document title will be filled automatically.


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SharePoint Document Auto Title by BoostSolutions

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SharePoint Document Auto Title by BoostSolutions 2009-07-05 23:00:05 Stephen Corkill
Reviewed by Stephen Corkill    July 05, 2009
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Simple but very effective utility

For environments where the document naming standards means the document title is same as the document name, this is a great utility. It saves users from having to deal with the overhead of updating the title to be the same as the document name.

Product Reviews

Easy to install and deploy to any document library
Has the same timing delays as workflow updates, which the update may not appear when returning from an upload form to a list view. Users need to be aware that they need to refresh the page to see the update applied.

Would be great to be able to apply this type of update to user selected columns.
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