Extranet in-a-box powered by Alcero

Extranet in-a-box powered by Alcero

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Extranet in-a-box powered by Alcero

Do you need a flexible, efficient extranet for optimizing your work with clients, suppliers and partners? Our Extranet in-a-box solution will meet your needs and requirements, and help you benefit from the best practices in the field.

Built on SharePoint software enhanced with our Alexya platform and Alcero’s service excellence, our Extranet in-a-box solution offers a host of benefits and possibilities. What’s more, it can be deployed quickly and affordably.

Take a look at its many benefits, then contact us to put this active communications solution to work for your business.

The main characteristics of our Extranet in-a-box are:

Allows the flexibility to designate certain users as Site Sponsors to perform routine administrative tasks:

      Sending invitations

      Adding accounts

      Unlocking accounts

      Managing passwords

      Managing access

Improved control over assignment of administrative responsibilities

      May be based on SharePoint Group(s)

      May be based on Membership Role(s)

      Or both

Ability to require users to agree with Terms and Conditions before receiving extranet access

Ability to capture all site activity

      In a detailed, simple-to-read audit log

      Allowing administrators to track service level and maintain compliance.

Ability to automate registration approval process

Membership management features

      Add and remove extranet accounts

      Change extranet account passwords

      Lock extranet accounts based on last password change date or last login date

      Unlock extranet accounts

      Approve or deny extranet accounts

      View extranet account role membership

      View extranet role account members

      Add extranet users to extranet roles

      Add and remove extranet roles 

User creation and registration

      Allows new extranet users to register for site access

      Allows existing SharePoint users to register for site access

      Supports invitation registration and anonymous registration for site access

      Allows requiring email verification during an anonymous registration

      Allows an administrator to manually verify an email address used during a registration.

Ability to send invitations to one or more desired extranet users.

Allows an administrator to send an invitation URL manually when necessary

Full control of email notifications

      Ability to customize the notification email templates (To, Title, Body, etc.)

      Ability to “turn off” any unwanted notification

Reporting and monitoring feature to measure the extranet’s effectiveness:

·        Password Reset

·        Password Failure

·        Page Views

·        Document Views

·        Administrative Task

·        Ability to create custom report

Self-service features for extranet users

      Including password reset or lost

      Extranet account sign-up

      Profile updating

Ability to choose between membership providers for the extranet user database


      Active Directory

      Other membership providers

Ability to set security policies

      At the site collection level

      At the site level

Ability to send out email invitations to create accounts for the extranet

Ability to provide notifications to administrators when a new account is created by a user and is awaiting approval

Public facing pages customization

We are using the SharePoint Master page for the welcome page.  It is 100% customizable.

Multilingual support

Extranet Manager is available in French and English.

Extranet site collections support

Navigation is handled by SharePoint, links to multiple site collections can be included in a welcome page or transition page


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