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Default Values by KWizCom

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Empower your list forms with Dynamic Default Values. Bridging over this SharePoint gap by allowing you to easily configure default values for all column types, and by enabling you to target different default values to different audiences.

Configure default values for all column types

There are column types for which SharePoint doesn't allow you to configure default values. Examples for such column types are Multiple lines of textPerson and Lookup columns.

With the Form Default Values Feature, you can easily configure default values for these non-supported columns, like any other SharePoint column.

Use dynamic tokens and reference other columns' values

Is there a single SharePoint user who didn't face the unpleasant experience when uploading a document and then having to manually copy its name to the Title field?

With the Form Default Values feature you can esily configure default values based on values of other columns, and also use dynamic tokens such as [Me] and [Today].

Target different default values to different users/groups

Sometimes depending on you forms logic you need different users, filling-out the same form, to have different default values in some of the form fields.

Example: When an end-user fills-out a new Support Ticket form, the "Reported By" field should have by default teh value of the current user. However, when a Helpdesk engineer fill-out the same form he probably does it on behalf of some end-user, so he would require this field to be empty by default.

With the Form Default Values feature you can define Dynamic default values, which are different for different users.

The Business Need

We all got used to working with SharePoint lists and document libraries. It is only natural to expect these list forms (New, Edit, View) to include all required web form features, instead of making us buy and learn a seperate Forms technology such as InfoPath or any other Forms servers.

The Form Default Values Feature is part of KWizCom Forms, which allows SharePoint customers to keep using the out-of-the-box list forms by turning them into powerful & dynamic web forms. This way there's no new technology to learn and deploy, simply keep using the same SharePoint list forms that now can include all the missing web form features.


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