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SPeals SurveyUP for SharePoint

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Surveys and polls capabilities extending web-part for Microsoft SharePoint 2010, 2007 and WSS 3.0. Add surveys, polls and quizzes on anyplace of your SharePoint portal with SurveyUP web-part for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007.

Key features:

  • Use surveys not placed on current web-site, but on any site from site-collection.
  • Provide unique voting for anonymous users.
  • Custom after-survey scenarios: display survey results, redirect to another page or another site, to Graph summarize, to Overview page, to All Responses page.
  • Display the survey results only on web-site pages, without the survey form.
  • Set an expiration date to automatically stop accepting survey responses.
  • Create custom survey descriptions
  • Create custom controls (buttons) and explanations in the survey form.
  • Choose required points only to display them in survey results.
  • Wide customization possibilities for survey result charts.

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SPeals SurveyUP for SharePoint

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Product Reviews
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SPeals SurveyUP for SharePoint 2013-07-19 14:05:49 John Weingart
Reviewed by John Weingart    July 19, 2013

SharePoint surveys rock with SurveyUP

I state that SurveyUP web-part is the number one solution for survey publishing in SharePoint. My facts regarding it 1) the tool allows to publish both surveys and survey results with all required features; 2) when I needed some changes in product settings, it was realized in 2 hours by Speals developers - they really like customers! 3) just compare pricing with other tools and no more questions.

Product Reviews

- a range of features and settings;
- excellent oportunities for charting;
- very reasonable pricing;
- great maintenance
- some mistypes in interface
Version Reviewed
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SPeals SurveyUP for SharePoint 2011-03-14 10:35:17 Kevin Gunther-Canada
Reviewed by Kevin Gunther-Canada    March 14, 2011

Speals SurveyUP delivers excellent web part to jaz

I have been waiting for a strong survey web part candidate - there are only a couple on the market, and they suffer from bugs and haphazard support. Speals has produced a credible product which brings it close to being that "top dog", but not quite.

Overall, this web part shines with its charting capabilities - there are a number of options for formatting your survey results, including (critically, to me) the ability to remove questions which might not chart especially well from the results. Additionally, this one feature gives me the ability to use separate web parts to display specific questions in the chart type most appropriate to the results. This alone makes this web part a very cool tool. Additionally, the control supports things like 3D rendering, different color schemes (pre-built - you currently don't seem to be able to define them through custom CSS or other means yet). One thing I absolutely LOVE is the Expiration property - I have had way too many customers ask me to put up a survey for them, and then tell me to "turn it off by xxx date", and finding that I have to set it on my calendar or some other reminder tool. This property allows me to set it and forget it! Very nice!

I originally had some minor reservations about the product because it did not support paging. However, they recently issued a new release, which supports branching and paging! The only (minor) bummer is that is doesn't have the ability to page *backwards*. I have some other very minor quibbles with the tool, but none of them are show-stoppers.

I give this 5 stars rating. It's a good tool at a very reasonable price, and it will make your Sharepoint surveys look a *lot* better!

Product Reviews

Excellent charting options
Ability to select *which* questions to display in charts
Ability to select *what type* of chart for a question
Expiration date for surveys
Ability to point to any survey within a site collection
Redirect support at end of survey
No backward paging - not good for quizzes
Some properties based on text boxes, not lookups - inconvenient
Version Reviewed
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SPeals SurveyUP for SharePoint 2010-10-05 18:32:05 Melissa
Reviewed by Melissa    October 05, 2010

Love the summaries

Overall I really liked this product. I loved the different ways to summarize/view the results. And it really was easy to implement.

Product Reviews

Super easy to use
Love the charting ability
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SPeals SurveyUP for SharePoint 2010-06-02 10:49:16 Petr Javorski
Reviewed by Petr Javorski    June 02, 2010

Applicable survey webpart

Good impressions. Use this webpart to add the surveys to welcome page and some internal pages of company's Intranet and everything works OK.
Excellent opportunities to make expressive charts.

There was a problem with auto focus when I placed the survey at the page bottom and visitors were redirected right to the first answer field bypass survey's descriptions. Speals promised to resolve this issue in next versions. Their support reacts well.

Can recommend this webpart for daily using.

Product Reviews

- nice charts
- one-click deployment
- reasonable licensing
- SharePoint 2010 support
- auto focus issue
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