Flash Image Rotator Web Part for SharePoint by Data Springs

Flash Image Rotator Web Part for SharePoint by Data Springs

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Flash Image Rotator Web Part for SharePoint by Data Springs

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The SharePoint Flash Image Rotator displays selected images and then rotates between the images.  Several extended and optional features allow you to select the time to rotate each image, fade between images, and also display the images in either sequential or random order. 

Web Part Features:

  • Select between fade as well blocks, circle warp, and rectancle effects! Have effects set for random order or linear!
  • Optionally pause current image in rotation when mouse is hovering over image
  • Display and rotate images in sequential or random order
  • Select a fade in /out time between images
  • Select a rotation time between images
  • Set the width / height for the image set.
  • Display the images in a loop, or just leave the last image as the final image displayed
  • Optionally select your web part to display in High, Medium, or Low quality
  • Add as many images as you would like,  and also add as many FLASH IMAGE web parts as you would like to your site
  • Set the background color for the flash object
  • Setup each image within rotation to e a hyperlink to web site/url
  • Setup and installation is easy! 


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Product Reviews

User-friendly web part adds flare

I've used this web part on a lot of client sites to provide a simple way for end users to spruce up a page with images. Users love it and it's pretty simple to modify. If you are looking for a web part that you can hand over to your end users to allow them the ability to customize their sites, this is the kind of web part that comes in handy and is a crowd pleaser.

The only complaint I have is that it reminds me a bit of Power Point animations, however this is what a lot of business users are looking for. It's simply a neat web part to have around when you want to expose pictures on your site easily, but it's pretty vanilla when it comes down to it.

Product Reviews

easy to use, adds life to a page, easily expose pics from a library
simplistic, equivalent to Power Point animation styles
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