Sparqube Lookup Column Suite

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Sparqube Lookup Column Suite

Sparqube Lookup Column Suite significantly enhances standard lookup functionality, allows referencing list data from any site within site collection and provides set of additional controls for easy and intuitive data look-up.

It allows referencing list data from any site within site collection and provides set of additional controls for easy and intuitive data look-up. Various UI controls, like Picker Dialog and Auto-complete textbox, will allow you to work with large list items. You can also apply list view filter or specify custom filter to reduce number of possible items for lookup column and prevent unwanted data selection. Moreover, Sparqube Lookup column provides ability to build parent-child relationships between columns in current list in cascading manner, so data entered in one field filters out options present in another.

Sparqube Lookup is the suite of three components consisting of the following SharePoint columns: Sparqube Lookup Classic, Sparqube Lookup Extra and Sparqube Lookup Tracker. Each column serves its own purpose and has unique set of features useful in certain scenario.

Sparqube Lookup Classic extends capabilities of standard SharePoint lookup field allowing to lookup and reference data from the same site or other site from the same site collection (cross-site lookup). The limitation to one site collection is specific to native Lookup field architecture on which Lookup Classic is built. Lookup Classic is backward-compatible with native Lookup field and can be converted to and from native Lookup preserving column data. Lookup Classic has wide variety of features and is fitting the majority of lookup use cases.

Sparqube Lookup Extra column is built from scratch and uses its own newly-implemented lookup engine. This approach allows to overcome limitations of native lookup and derived from it Lookup Classic. Lookup Extra can lookup data across site collections and additionally supports column data-types not supported by Lookup Classic: File, Choice, User or Group, Boolean and Lookup. Lookup Extra can even lookup complex types like documents. 


  • Supports all editions of SharePoint 2010/2013
  • Supports reference lists located outside of the current site (cross-site lookup support)
  • Enhanced and easy-to-use UI with Picker Dialog, Auto-complete textbox, Drop-down checkboxes and others useful controls
  • Allows building parent-child multi-level cascading relationships between columns in the same list
  • Advanced filter options
  • Ability to add new items to source list using "add new item" link
  • Datasheet view supported
  • Easy conversion from and to standard Lookup column
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Customer-driven development
  • Affordable prices
  • Flexible licensing

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5.0  (1)
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Best Lookup columns to date

I've accidentally found Sparqube site by googling up for issue troubleshooting related to lookup filtering. When I've tried their Lookup product, it looked relatively new and fresh, however in several months they have developed three different sub-products in the same Lookup suite and packed them with the whole lot of features that I can only think of. Several features were inspired by my ideas and I am very happy about that and about the level of quality of their implementation.

It is obvious that Sparqube is new on the market, but their products are polished and do the job perfectly.
I would recommend their products to admins, power users and all the SharePoint junkies.
Excellent job, guys! Keep up the good work.

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Cross-site collection support
Works already with SharePoint 2013
Developers wrote features that were missing for me really fast
Very happy with support of the highest quality, speed and competency
None that I am aware of
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