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SharePoint Cascaded Lookup by BoostSolutions

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SharePoint Cascaded Lookup allows users to lookup FILTERED information from other lists of different sites.

SharePoint default lookup allows us ers to lookup other list. If column A lookup column B, we call column B as Looked-up Column. When users edit/create an item, all the values of Looked-up column will display as choices in dropdown list of lookup column.

SharePoint Cascaded Lookup introduces Filter Column and Parent Column to filter field values so as to narrow the range of choices. With it, you can lookup field values more quickly and accurately.

Filter Column is in the same list with the looked-up column. As the name goes, if you set a column as Filter column for the looked-up column, when you edit/create an item, the choices of the cascaded lookup column will be filtered according to the value of the Filter Column.

Parent Column, which is also used to filter looked-up values, is in the same list with the Cascaded Lookup column. When you set a column as Parent Column of a cascaded lookup column, in the edit/new form of an item, the choices of Cascaded lookup column in dropdown list will be different according to the value of Parent Column.


  • Support Cross-Site Lookup other lists;
  • Easily filter field values by other fields in the same list;
  • Two-way convert to SharePoint default lookup type or SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup type;
  • Users can add new items in the source lookup list by clicking the “Create new item…” link; 
  • Show additional fields from the source lookup list, and the column order can be customized;
  • Manage Column Data in Microsoft Office Applications。

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SharePoint Cascaded Lookup by BoostSolutions
SharePoint Cascaded Lookup by BoostSolutions
SharePoint Cascaded Lookup by BoostSolutions
SharePoint Cascaded Lookup by BoostSolutions

Editor review

SharePoint Cascaded Lookup by BoostSolutions 2009-03-04 13:28:57 Andy Dale
Reviewed by Andy Dale    March 04, 2009
#1 Reviewer  -   View all my reviews

Finaly Cascaded Lookup

Without fails when I and other Officetalk SharePoint Consultants are assisting with SharePoint Projects we get the dreaded question. "Yes, but how do I add another level to the list?". OK the wording changes but they all want to have a drop-down list based on the entry they entered on a previous list.

The basic SharePoint Lookup feature is quite basic and just gives a list of the entries on another field on the current site. Yes, with SharePoint Designer and Data Views you can combine data from lists on several sites but it is quite a complex process. Out of the box SharePoint falls short here, but SharePoint Boost's Cascaded Lookup takes it to the next level.

Being a football fan (the great Aston Villa) I have used Cascaded Lookup to set up a European Players list. It starts with all the European Countries and the leagues in each and then has a list for each of the teams in each league. So now using Cacaded Lookup the user can enter an individual players details and have a field called 'Team' that is filtered first by Country and then by League.

For example for Kaka we enter 'Spain' as Country and this lists the Spanish leagues. We then choose 'La Liga' and this lists all the La Liga clubs and from there we choose Barcelona.

Cascaded Lookup is simple but a very useful tool.

Product Reviews

Easy to install
Reasonable price
Free 30 day trial
Great for filtering field entries (eg select Country filtered by continent
Quick response to Support Emails
Gets confusing when trying to add a secondary filter (eg filtering City by Continent and then by Country)
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SharePoint Cascaded Lookup by BoostSolutions 2013-02-11 12:08:19 Clem
Reviewed by Clem    February 11, 2013

Additional columns not displayed and filter not populated

Not real useful since programmer development is required to use the feature. Might just as well develop the entire lookup. Does not save any time to use this product.

Product Reviews

Does ok job with lookup. When adding new item or updating item, it does do a good job populating dropdowns for the user to select.
On the edit form, the filter dropdown is not populated with the value selected value. In addition, additional columns don't work. They do not display. Since the filter dropdown does not populate, the user has no idea what the record is for. The key information is not displayed. You have to create an additional itemadded feature to populate another field in the library or list in order to see what value was selected when the item was added.

This is a real problem since you will have no idea what the key information is. The product requires additional development by a programmer in order to use it. Might as well develop the look up using a web part.
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SharePoint Cascaded Lookup by BoostSolutions 2010-11-30 07:53:58 Tom Hasband
Reviewed by Tom Hasband    November 30, 2010

Cascaded Lookup web part from SharePoint Boost

Is there any discount from SharePointBoost? I have not seen one, while Bamboosolutions and others alike have plenty of them.

Product Reviews

Cross site lookup, making cascading more powerful.
Not sure if this counts, but their service is pretty pleasent.
Price is appealing.
lookup data from large number of lists is painfull.
Version Reviewed
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