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Smart List Pro by Infowise

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With Smart List Pro you can go beyond the SharePoint list limits to create sophisticated forms and automate business processes without complex workflows and InfoPath forms.

Forms creation is real simple and goes hand with hand with the built-in capabilities of SharePoint. Smart List Pro extend SharePoint lists with a multitude of new cool features: tabbed view, fields permissions, view permissions, default values, advanced field validation and more, completely covering the needs of over 80% of all forms you will ever need.

Smart List Pro is simple to use, so forms are easy to create, maintain and use for users with basic SharePoint skills.

Smart List Pro main features:

  • Field Permission Manipulation – The list manager can grant different permissions to users on fields, optionally depending on values of other fields of the item. The permissions can be set to be read, write or deny (hide field).
  • Fields Value Validation – The list manager can provide the ability to validate input while editing items. Validations can be in the form of regular expressions, string length, or in relation to values of other fields. A certain validation rule can be set to be activated only when certain conditions apply to the item.
  • Tabbed Interface – Fields can be grouped into tabs or in groups in the edit/display forms.
  • Permissions can also be set on list views, along with the ability to hide menu actions in the views display.
  • Default Values – Smart list provides the ability to set initial values in fields for new items, and associate different values to different groups of people.
  • Support for site and list templates, your settings are packaged and can be recreated in a new list/site

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