Website Migrator for SharePoint by AvePoint

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Website Migrator for SharePoint by AvePoint

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For organizations seeking to unify and streamline their web-based assets, the ability to efficiently and comprehensively migrate legacy HTTP/HTTPS accessible sites, portals and web content into SharePoint is vital. DocAve Website Migrator provides a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for the organized and lossless transfer of web content into Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010. With comprehensive mapping of legacy artifacts to SharePoint elements, fully automated page link management, and optional remote migration leveraging web services, this powerful tool drastically reduces the costs and stress normally associated with web application migration.

To ensure a complete and successful migration, DocAve's Pre-Migration Scanner provides a detailed analyses of the migration before it is performed, delivering an itemized report of all elements that will not migrate successfully unless addressed further. The DocAve Pre-migration Scanner will detect and notify you of any illegal characters, user permissions, user names, user domains, and other legacy elements that must be mapped in order to migrate successfully into SharePoint.

DocAve Website Migrator is a true, full fidelity migration solution, meaning all source code, images, templates, scripts, and documents are transferred, and all links are automatically updated. From a single interface, Microsoft SharePoint administrators can easily discover, target, and manage every source element by type, template and hierarchy, and preview the migrated content prior to migration. With such precision control and automated support, organizations can truly align migration operations with business needs.

  • Migrate any HTTP/HTTPS accessible web content into SharePoint 2007 and 2010, including all code, HTML regions, imbedded tables, related documents and associated images, granularly or in bulk.
  • Preview all migration content, documents, and images prior to migration execution.
  • Discover, sort, filter, search, and analyze all source content types, page templates, and site hierarchies via a single interface.
  • Fully map all source elements to existing SharePoint framework using default site hierarchy maps or customizable mapping interface to leverage SharePoint's Top Link Bars, Quick Launch Bar, Lists, Libraries, and Calendars.
  • Automated updates of all page links streamlines management and eliminates risk of error associated with manual link cleanup.
  • Create customized, reusable Source-to-SharePoint mapping schemas to streamline migration of multiple pages and sites.
  • Migrate source web content to local offline environment for full testing prior to migration to production environment, then upload migration data to production with a single-click.
  • Leverage DocAve Website Migrator via web services to migrate to SharePoint Online and other hosted Microsoft SharePoint environments, with no need to install an agent on SharePoint WFE.
  • Comprehensive pre-scan tool provides itemized reporting on all elements mapped for migration, detailing exactly what will migrate successfully, what will not, and why.

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