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Notes Migrator for SharePoint by Dell Notes Migrator for SharePoint by Dell

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Notes Migrator for SharePoint by Dell

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Notes Migrator for SharePoint is a tool for analyzing and migrating Notes, QuickPlace and Domino.Doc application content to SharePoint. Notes Migrator scales from automated migration of standard Notes applications to advanced migration of complex custom Notes applications.

  • Analyzes your Notes application environment so you can estimate the scope of the migration project and manage the process more effectively.
  • Provides reliable, scalable content migrations from Lotus Notes, QuickPlace and Domino.Doc to SharePoint Lists, Document Libraries and InfoPath Forms.
  • Supports bulk migration of entire databases or user-driven, ad-hoc transfer of selected documents, allowing you to decide which method best suits your organization.
  • Reduces migration costs with a rules-based engine that allows you to automatically classify databases, make decisions about what to migrate, assign targets and migration jobs, and run hundreds of individual migration jobs.
  • Features customizable, reusable data definitions that also help dramatically reduce the cost of migration.

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Notes Migrator for SharePoint by Dell
Notes Migrator for SharePoint by Dell
Notes Migrator for SharePoint by Dell

Editor review

Notes Migrator for SharePoint by Dell 2009-05-27 02:02:28 Didier Danse
Reviewed by Didier Danse    May 27, 2009
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Good tool for Migration to SharePoint from Notes

Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint (NMSP) can be used easily. You just have to define fields that will be used from Lotus Notes, those from the SharePoint site (local or remote as we can use Web Service connection), map Lotus Notes fields with SharePoint fields and that’s all! It is how the simplest mode works.

NMSP is able to preserve data like creation date or security settings (it preserves equivalent of authors and readers fields and Lotus Notes roles). You are able to create SharePoint list based on Lotus Notes fields with this tool. Furthermore, you can also easily modify data during migration by using formulas (with Formula language) on fields or map Lotus Notes users to SharePoint users easily.

NMSP is in fact a pack of tools: NMSP Designer, NMSP Console and NMSP Web Service. Jobs creation is done with the Designer. Console is used to analyze and have an overview of applications in Lotus Notes but also to manage, organize and schedule jobs execution. Each tool can be installed without installing complete pack. Installation of these components through wizard is quite simple and some steps are really useful. Web Service is used when it is not possible to use NMSP Designer on the SharePoint server.

Licensing model is easy to understand: one license is required per source database replica. With a lot of databases, migration can be expensive but losing data can be even more expensive. You can also develop a tool but it will also be expensive as there are a lot of important functionalities.

Last but not least support is reactive and sends every time feedback about issue, question or suggestion you send.

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Works well, good features, flexible deployment and good licensing model and support
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Notes Migrator for SharePoint by Dell 2012-08-10 21:37:08 Ian Lucis
Reviewed by Ian Lucis    August 10, 2012
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Movig data from Lotus to SharePoint that really works

Somehow the product description does not reflect compatibility with SP2010. Anyway, great product - it really works. We've migrated almost 200 Lotus databases to SP and the results were very accurate and process straightforward enough. It did required a bit more configuration that we initially expected and some data cleanup before running, as we figured some problems with the filenames might cause the process to skip certain documents. But in the end it all worked very very well.

Product Reviews

Conditional import with rules. Solid performance.
Interface looks a little outdated and could be a bit more functional.
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