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List Custom Actions by KWizCom

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With SharePoint List Custom Actions You can easily create customized list menus and produce much more convenient and user-friendly solutions.

Same SharePoint list forms, but now with the EXACT custom-menus your customers need. SharePoint List Custom Actions enables you to easily create customized list menus and produce much more convenient and user-friendly solutions! You can add these custom menus on a list-level, as well as create custom menus in a list-item level.

Both the list-level and the item-level custom actions are dynamic, smart-menus which include the following capabilities:

  • You can define permissions on a menu (make it available only to specific users/groups)
  • A menu can initiate workflow processes
  • You can define field-based conditions that define a menu’s visibility

The Business Need

SharePoint list forms are all generic forms, including generic menus (“Edit”, “Delete”, “New” etc.). Customers however, need to use SharePoint to implement their specific business needs, which require customized forms with custom menus that perform various custom actions. With SharePoint out-of-the-box capabilities you must use additional tools such as InfoPath forms, SharePoint Designer (which unghosts your pages) or do some custom development which costs more money.

KWizCom’s Custom List Actions Feature enable non-technical implementers to fully customize SharePoint list form menus in just few minutes – easy and immediate.

Who needs it?

We all do! No matter which solution you’re trying to implement, the out-of-the-box SharePoint list menus never cover your specific application’s needs.

Now you can create powerful custom menus and provide better SharePoint solutions to your customers.


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