Offline Access with DigiLink Revelation

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Offline Access with DigiLink Revelation

Digilink Revelation offers offline synchronization. Users can automatically synchronize documents from a complete site or choose which folders they would like to sync. Requires WSS/SPS 3.0 / MOSS 2007

Digilink Revelation offers Drag & Drop Sites, Drag & Drop Files and Folders, Selective Synchronization, Lists, File Properties, Conflict Management, Content Types, etc.

Revelation is not just for going offline. It’s the intuitive interface to files and folders on SharePoint - Just drag & drop from your Windows Folders. Easy to to use: just drag a site url onto Revelation and you’re done.

Revelation 3 allows you to automatically synchronize documents from the SharePoint site. All new documents and changes on SharePoint are copied down locally and all up-dates and new files on your computer are copied up to the SharePoint site – automatically. Now supports Selective Sync and Drag & Drop, Lists and Local versioning.

Revelation on Windows gives you control of your SharePoint documents from your local folder. This ease of working with documents, on or off-line makes all the difference. You can use the local Revelation interface or just work in a local Windows folder. Create folders and move your files around as you like - SharePoint just falls into line.

Revelation 3 has full client-side versioning allowing you to review previous updates sync’ed from SharePoint.


  • Easy to use – Just drag SharePoint site address into Revelation to start.
  • Inexpensive – Only $69 / €45 / £35 per copy
  • Full 2-way sync – Just let Revelation sync in the background
  • Selective Synchronization – One click and take it all or pick and choose just what you want to sync.
  • Full File Properties (Metadata) support
  • Lists support – Take all your SharePoint Lists with you. Tasks, Calendars, Contacts etc.
  • Full Conflict management – Automatically handles when you and a colleague update the same file
  • Microsoft Word integration – Handles Microsoft Word compare and merge automatically
  • 100% Client side – No server side code on SharePoint.
  • Fast- Revelation only syncs updated or new documents. Just seconds per site to check.


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